Here’s What’s Happening on the Muni Courts Front


Original Post: Here’s What’s Happening on the Muni Courts Front.

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance. — The Declaration of Independence Back in August, I asked for your help in pushing for municipal court reform. Cities that abuse their police and courts destroy liberty: Abusive cities turn citizens […]

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Some Protesters Couldn’t Care Less About Mike Brown


Original Post: Some Protesters Couldn’t Care Less About Mike Brown.

If you think the mall protests are about the police, Ferguson, Mike Brown, or Darren Wilson, you could be wrong. For some, Mike Brown is a pawn. The protests are mere opportunities to exploit. Travis Martin, a protester who was at the bowling alley and the Justice Center, said he didn’t think that activist leaders…

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The Worst of Humanity and the Abence of Leadership in Ferguson


Original Post: The Worst of Humanity and the Abence of Leadership in Ferguson.

I should be in bed. But I can’t take my eyes off the images of Ferguson burning to the ground. A liberal friend on Twitter admonished me not to be political. Maybe he’s right. But I’m pretty Dellena’s 911 Beauty Salon burned in Ferguson tonight. It seems everything else has, too. The airport is closed.…

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Big ISPs Will Back Net Neutrality Someday


Original Post: Big ISPs Will Back Net Neutrality Someday.

I don’t want Barack Obama regulating the internet. At the same time, conservatives who believe big corporations are always right better pop their heads out of their Chambers of Commerce. Greens Didn’t Kill the Incandescent Light Bulb—Corporatists Did The way big businesses got big and stayed big has nothing to do with business and everything to do…

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Failed Consultant Seeks Funding for GOP Establishment


Original Post: Failed Consultant Seeks Funding for GOP Establishment.

People tell me Republican consultant John Hancock is a really nice guy. I think they’re right. And, as Hancock’s clients have learned repeatedly, nice guys finish last. The clearest example of Hancock’s failure was John Brunner’s campaign for US Senate in 2012. Brunner is an exceptional businessman with a remarkably clear and accurate political philosophy.…

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Government Is For Sale. Here’s Who’s Buying


Original Post: Government Is For Sale. Here’s Who’s Buying.

Updated: the original title said “Congress is for sale.” My mistake. I meant Government. Once upon a time in America, people built companies by filling society’s unmet needs. To survive, a company relied on innovation, quality, and, of course, good advertising. The best advertisement being word of mouth. That’s all changed now. The way to…

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Thank You, Heritage Foundation


Original Post: Thank You, Heritage Foundation.

I’m sitting at Reagan National Airport waiting for my flight home. I just spent 24 hours meeting the people who keep America free. Well, besides the people in uniform. It’s the Heritage Foundation’s donors and leaders. It’s Heritage Action and its Sentinels. It’s decidedly NOT the ruling class, the two big parties. I had the…

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Rep. J. Wellington Wimpy, (R-Squishville), senior advisor to Republican Leadership


Readers of a certain age may be familiar with a fellow named J. Wellington Wimpy and his famous promise that “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”  What you may not be aware of is that Mr. Wimpy is the senior strategic advisor to Republican Congressional leadership.

Wimpy’s appointment is the only way to explain the terrible Export Import Bank deal that leadership duped many conservatives and Republicans into accepting as part of this week’s bill to fund the federal government and our war in Syria.  Wimpy’s play was a stroke of genius.

Using his time-honored strategy, he substituted an appeal for their votes for his normal request for hamburger and a promise to really totally shut down the Export Import Bank next year for his normal promise of payment on Tuesday.  With this simple trick, Wimpy has executed a ruse grander than any of his previous frauds to purloin ground beef.

Some context might be helpful.   Others have written lengthy and persuasive discussions of the need to shut down the Export-Import Bank. The justification doesn’t need to be rehashed here.   Heck, even Representative Kevin McCarthy upon the realization of his elevation to Majority Leader commented, “I think Ex-Im Bank is … something government does not have to be involved in. The private sector can do it.”

All leadership had to do to put this terrible program to an end was – nothing. The Export Import Bank was scheduled to expire on its own.

Instead in a fit of hysterical bed-wetting when the President rolled out his well-worn strategy of linking any a noun, a verb, and “shut-down” the Republican Leadership scrambled to respond with a strategy to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Rep. Wimpy to the rescue.

The Wimpy plan was simple.  He would convince conservatives that when Republicans take the House and Senate majority in the next election they’re really totally going to shut down the Export Import Bank (the Tuesday clause.)  All they needed from conservatives was their votes and a commitment not to put up a fight on the Continuing Resolution (the Hamburger Clause).   Without nary a peep from conservatives, the Wimpy plan was deployed.

It was of course a terrible deal.  Much like Wimpy’s promised payment on Tuesday, the Republican leadership’s support for abolishing the Export Import Bank is never going to materialize.   The President knows that Republican Leadership will fold like a cheap lawn chair if he even hints in the same direction as a shutdown or veto fight.  There will be some must pass legislative vehicle that Ex-Im Bank supporters demand reauthorization be attached to, and since leadership actually does support the bank, it will happily acquiesce.

They’ll explain their supposedly reluctant acquiescence on needing to pass some vital piece of legislation and not wanting to tarnish the Presidential candidate and our “brand.” But believe you me, when Republicans retake the White House, Leadership’s totally going to pay for those hamburgers!

Republican Leadership squandered one of the greatest chances it likely will ever have to shut down the Export Import Bank.  Had they sent the President a government and war funding bill, but did not include extension of the Export Import Bank in the bill, the President would have surely signed the bill.   Does anyone really believe that the President and Harry Reid would have been so brazen as to deny funding for a war effort against terrorists just to protect cut-rate loans for Boeing’s customers?  I doubt it, but maybe they would have.   Regardless it is a pretty weak hand to play and Republicans could have carried the day – had they shown up to fight.

But sadly, Republican Leadership takes congressional conservatives for fools – and with good reason – every Tuesday they act surprised that J. Wellington Wimpy didn’t pay for his burgers.   Until conservatives stop falling for the same lame promises, Rep. Wimpy’s behavior isn’t going to change and the nation is going to suffer.

How the Obama White House Celebrated Constitution Day


Yesterday was the 227th birthday of the U.S. Constitution, but you wouldn’t know it was being rightly celebrated within the walls of the White House.

To commemorate the day, the White House tweeted out a photo of President Obama – as usual.

Using a photo or quote from the President is standard practice in the White House social media office –from statements  of remembrance to the anniversary of 9/11. It’s always about him – never the actual event or person being celebrated.

The same goes with his respect for the Constitution. His actions have consistently violated this sacred document, as he uses executive order after executive order to pass his own liberal agenda for the country.

As he famously said earlier this year, “We are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need…I’ve got a pen and a phone.”

There are multiple examples of when the President has done exactly that in the past six years – like when he waived work requirements in a Congressionally passed welfare program, and delayed implementation of Obamacare’s employer mandate for select companies.

The latest disregard of the Constitution? Obama plans to take executive action on immigration – a policy that should definitely include the input of a bipartisan Congress to move forward. With two years left in his Presidency, there’s no limit to what he might do in order to secure his legacy.

In fact, it makes the 2014 elections more important ever. We must elect strong conservatives that will truly respect the Constitution as it was written and call out Obama’s imperial actions.

Earlier this year, the White House ironically tweeted out another photo, this time with Obama photo-shopped onto the seat of a throne (paying tribute to the show “Game of Thrones.) The photo was a posted as a joke but its representative of Obama’s increasingly lonely decision making.

The Constitution was meant to help maintain a limited government. Perhaps it should be required reading for the President on this day.

Revealing New Lois Lerner Email Implies Guilt


Evidence against Lois Lerner’s innocence in the IRS scandal continues to mount. The latest revelation was discovered in an email received by Lerner, in which she clearly overlooked political and monetary abuse by Labor Unions when it reported to her.

The email quotes Don Todd, the deputy assistant secretary of the Office Labor-Management at the time, saying, “The IRS was telling us it would cost more to enforce the law then they would collect.”

During the same time period, Lerner chose to hone in on groups like the National Organization for Marriage and the Alabama Tea Party.

These are just more examples of Lerner paying little attention to Left-leaning organizations, while carefully scrutinizing Right-leaning organizations – many of those clearly associated with the Tea Party.

Thankfully, emails like these (remember when she called conservatives “crazies?”) continue to trickle in. After the IRS claimed to have “lost” 2 years worth of Lerner’s emails, it smelled like a doozy of a cover-up – and last week, they claimed that Lerner’s Blackberry was “wiped clean.”

But all hope is not lost in getting to the bottom of this mess.

The activist group Judicial Watch has been doggedly pursuing the supposed lost emails under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), hoping their efforts will uncover even more of what went on behind the scenes.

A Department of Justice attorney recently told Judicial Watch that “the federal government backs up all computer records in case something terrible happens in Washington and there’s a catastrophe so the government can continue operating.”

If this is true, the Obama Administration has been blatantly lying to the American people about the missing emails. In fact, during the June hearings on the scandal when IRS commissioner John Koskinen testified before Congress, Rep. Paul Ryan said:

“Sitting here listening to this testimony, I don’t believe it…that’s your problem. No one believes you. “

It was perhaps the first time a Member of Congress said what everyone else was thinking out loud in an official capacity.

This IRS scandal is just another example of how crucial the midterm and 2016 elections are for our country.
While some will say that putting an “R” into office is much more important than how conservative that person might be fails to recognize the crux of this problem. Lerner was attacking conservative groups, not because she was a Democrat, but because she is part of a group of politicians, Democrats and Republicans, who fundamentally reject the proper execution of government. They believe that the ends will justify the means. Ultimately, to restore liberty in America, we need to elect people who will ensure that the government is a quiet defender of rights, not a group of outspoken actors seeking to enact a set of policies.