• How to Win Consistently

    Reading Time: 3 minutesIf your favorite player hits a home run or scores a goal, but your favorite team loses, what have you accomplished? If an athlete you despise makes a horrible error but the hated team he plays for wins the championship, how do you feel? In several races across Missouri, some people seem willing to lose […]

  • Our choice

    Last Tuesday Missourians voted in the 2016 Primary Election for Governor. 683,523 Missouri Republicans cast their ballot to select a nominee. Conversely 324,360 Democratic voters cast their ballots to do the same. Eric Greitens emerged from the Republican contest victorious, achieving 236,250 votes or 34.56% of the vote. His challenge is to earn the vote […]

  • The Strangest Governor Race Ever

    You might be wondering why the Missouri Farm Bureau endorsed Democrat Chris Koster instead of Republican Eric Greitens. The Farm Bureau endorses Republicans about 99% of the time. If you’re thinking it had to do with policy or personality, you’re thinking wrong. (And, no, it wasn’t because of Koster’s hair, Mark Reardon.) This was all about […]

  • Why I’m Voting for Eric Greitens

    This was supposed to be a longer post, so I’ll tell you why I’m voting for Eric Greitens in a minute. First, why I have to cut it short. I got home from door knocking for Eric at about 6:30 and walked straight to my laptop to write. Just as I sat down, my wife […]

  • 2016 Republican Primary Key Races

    Some people have a loud opinion on each and every Republican Primary race. I have a lot of opinions, but I like to focus on a few key races. Here are my major concerns for the 2016 Republican Primary on August 2.  

  • Democrats Just Predicted Greitens Beats Koster

    Do you want to help Democrats win? You can, and the Democratic Governors Association just told you how. If you’re a Republican and you follow the advice of the Democratic Governors Association, you won’t vote for Eric Greitens. The DGA wants Democrat Chris Koster to win, so Democrats are telling Missouri’s Republicans not to nominate […]

  • Why Did Paul Holzer Expose John Brunner? Part III

    This is part III of a four-part series. Here’s part I and part II. Why Now? Why did Holzer choose last week to out himself? Why show himself now, putting his old boss, John Brunner, in such a bad light? And right before the August 2 primary? Holzer has damaged Brunner’s reputation and credibility. And Brunner […]

  • John Brunner’s Charade, Part II

    This is part II of a three-part series. Here’s part I. That Shadowy Paul Holzer Paul Holzer is a former Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander and a medical student at Dartmouth in New Hampshire. (Oddly, his bio shows MD, MBA, even though is still in medical school and simultaneously working toward an MBA.) Holzer also runs a […]

  • John Brunner’s Charade, part I

    Why in the world would a political operative who once worked for John Brunner out himself and expose Brunner as either a liar or a patsy two weeks before an election? Reggie Lampert: Of course, you won’t be able to lie on your back for a while but then you can lie from any position, […]

  • Continue Your Support of Good Local Government

    Original Post: Continue Your Support of Good Local Government.

    You have another chance to improve government and fight petty tyranny by supporting Senator Eric Schmitt’s latest bill to hold local government accountable. Last year, Senator Schmitt became the champion of responsible local government with SB-5, a bill designed to end “taxation by citation” in local governments. This year, Senator Schmitt is back to close…

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  • Ryan Johnson Discusses Ethics on KCMO

    Ryan Johnson joined Mike Ferguson on KCMO’s Carson in the Morning to discuss ethics in the Missouri General Assembly. Former Senator John Lamping has suggested on Missouri Scorecard a pledge that legislators should take, holding themselves accountable.

  • Why I support Right to Work

    The prospect of Missouri becoming a Right to Work state brings up a lot of emotional response. It’s our duty to see beyond the fervor and do what is right. The opponents of RTW primarily claim that it will reduce wages, allow some to get a “free ride”, and expose businesses to penalties. Everyone knows […]

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