How the Obama White House Celebrated Constitution Day


Yesterday was the 227th birthday of the U.S. Constitution, but you wouldn’t know it was being rightly celebrated within the walls of the White House.

To commemorate the day, the White House tweeted out a photo of President Obama – as usual.

Using a photo or quote from the President is standard practice in the White House social media office –from statements  of remembrance to the anniversary of 9/11. It’s always about him – never the actual event or person being celebrated.

The same goes with his respect for the Constitution. His actions have consistently violated this sacred document, as he uses executive order after executive order to pass his own liberal agenda for the country.

As he famously said earlier this year, “We are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need…I’ve got a pen and a phone.”

There are multiple examples of when the President has done exactly that in the past six years – like when he waived work requirements in a Congressionally passed welfare program, and delayed implementation of Obamacare’s employer mandate for select companies.

The latest disregard of the Constitution? Obama plans to take executive action on immigration – a policy that should definitely include the input of a bipartisan Congress to move forward. With two years left in his Presidency, there’s no limit to what he might do in order to secure his legacy.

In fact, it makes the 2014 elections more important ever. We must elect strong conservatives that will truly respect the Constitution as it was written and call out Obama’s imperial actions.

Earlier this year, the White House ironically tweeted out another photo, this time with Obama photo-shopped onto the seat of a throne (paying tribute to the show “Game of Thrones.) The photo was a posted as a joke but its representative of Obama’s increasingly lonely decision making.

The Constitution was meant to help maintain a limited government. Perhaps it should be required reading for the President on this day.

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Open Letter to the President of the United States

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

President Obama,

As a former university lecturer on the subject of the U.S. Constitution, you know the Federal Constitution is fundamental law which cannot be changed by legislation.

You also know that the Amendments to the Constitution cannot be changed by legislation because they are also fundamental law.

You know through your studies, the Second Amendment was not written to protect hunting rights.  Nor was it written to allow citizens to protect themselves from criminal attack.

The Second Amendment was written as a means by which citizens (and States) could protect themselves from the federal government taking from them what does not belong to the federal government.

If the Federal Executive is intent on proposing changes to the Second Amendment, it may not be done by legislation.  However, there is a process for making changes to the Constitution which is described in Article 5 of the Constitution.

To make a change to the Constitution (or a previously enacted Amendment) all you need is a “Yes” vote from two-thirds of the members of the U.S. House of Representatives, two-thirds of the members of the U.S. Senate, and a “Yes” vote from three-quarters of the State Legislatures and you can have it your way.  Until then, the Constitution stands as fundamental law.

Lee A. Presser

[email protected]

Sadly Prop P Passed


“Every penny taken from you in taxes is a penny someone else decides how to spend. It’s a penny you earned but forfeited to someone else’s arbitrary discretion,” said Bill Hennessy co-founder of the St Louis Tea Pary Coallition. Today is a sad day for the residents of St Louis County and St Louis City. Prop P passed, which only means more money stolen from hard working citizens to be abused by balloted governing bodies. What’s frustrating is that if everyone got out and voted the real majority probably would have shut down Proposition P. In this election 80% of registered St Louis County voters didn’t even vote! That means 80% of voters in the county don’t have a right to complain when they have to sit idly by and watch another tax hike go into place. And chances are they will. When it comes to tax hikes in Missouri we usually vote pretty conservative, for example the victory we had In shutting down the exesive tabacoo tax in 2012. The only reason we shut down that tax hike and not this one is because the people didn’t vote and now we all have to suffer due to their laziness. My frustration with Proposition P, the deceptively named bill blinds people of its real impact. Why does the title even include the word arch when only 30% of the bill goes to the Arch? Why do we have to pay for other municipality’s parks when they did not even include Prop P on their ballots. Some towns didn’t even have the tax hike on their ballot but will still reap the benefits! For instance St Charles immediately opted out of Propostion P but will now reap the benefits from our tax dollars while they see no increase in there spending tax. Fair? I think not. For the next 20 years every time you purchase something in St Louis County or the City make sure account for an additional 2 cents on every 10 dollars you spend. See how that can quickly adds up especially when live and shop in St Louis for all your needs and wants. We can not allow the government and small few who vote in these local elections continue to destroy our spending power! When it comes to tax hikes Missourians usually agree. Enough is enough. We need your vote. You need your vote. In all elections.

Sandy Exposes Limits Of Government


Barack Obama ridiculed George W. Bush for Katrina.


As people starve and beg for water in Rockaways, Obama’s promises to create heaven on earth through government look foolish and born of ignorance.

Obama believes that government can solve any problem, large or small. But his FEMA can’t get water to people in New York City.

With election two days away, remember this, you Obama voters: the most activist president of all time was unable to feed, clothe, and house hurricane victims despite having a week of warning.

Government has its limits, but it will never limit its own thirst for power. You have to do that. And if you don’t put down the monster at the ballot box, it will put you down in a pine box.