Missouri Statewide Right to Work Meeting Wednesday January 8


Original Post: Missouri Statewide Right to Work Meeting Wednesday January 8.

Use your snow day to join the opening of the Missouri General Assembly Speaker of the House Tim Jones • Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder Representative Eric Burlison and Senator Ed Emery * State Capitol in the beautiful House Lounge next to room 308 201 W. Capitol Ave. Jefferson City, MO Wednesday, January 8th at 10am […]

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Why is Missouri’s Ag Director Avoiding Deposition?

T he Cavalry Group has emailed the following press release about Missouri's Agriculture Director, Jon Hagler. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 17, 2013 MISSOURI AGRICULTURE DIRECTOR ATTEMPTS TO EVADE DEPOSITION Jon Hagler seeks to avoid deposition in legal challenge to the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act Saint Louis, MO - In 2010, Missouri voters narrowly passed the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act. The Missouri legislature subsequently amended the bill with what later became known as the 'Missouri Solution' in order to address vague language and unconstitutional elements in the measure. The Missouri Department of Agriculture was then tasked with writing the rules for...

Why the Missouri DOR’s Enhanced Interrogation Methods Should Make You Mad


Original Post: Why the Missouri DOR’s Enhanced Interrogation Methods Should Make You Mad.

Pulled from comments, in response to TJ, you asked: “I am somewhat confused about the current outrage. Shouldn’t the DOR verify, to the greatest extent possible, that an applicant for renewal of any state issued ID be who they maintain to be, live where they claim to live and so on.” If you’re buying beer at Schnuck’s, you expect the cashier to card you, right? That’s because the cashier is required to verify your are


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Breaking: Dem Appointed Director of Missouri Revenue Caught Lying to Senate


Original Post: Breaking: Dem Appointed Director of Missouri Revenue Caught Lying to Senate.

“That is the third time you’ve lied to me!” Those were the words of Missouri State Senator Kurt Schaefer to Director of Revenue Brian K. Long in a heated hearing at the Missouri State Capitol this morning. Senator Schaefer and researchers at the Missouri Family Network, who broke this story, learned prior to the hearing that Long’s department has ordered Missouri fee office workers to violate state law by collecting and storing personal identifying information


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Head To Jefferson City Wednesday To Fight Common Core and Medicaid Expansion


Original Post: Head To Jefferson City Wednesday To Fight Common Core and Medicaid Expansion.

John Lamping is one of the brightest stars for liberty in the Missouri Senate, and he needs our help this week. Let’s support liberty by fighting Medicaid Expansion and Common Core State Standards in education. Tell Us You’re Going! RSVP on Facebook! Committees hear two big bills on Wednesday, March 13, in Jefferson City. Medicaid Expansion Common Core restrictions “The more I look into this Common Core data collection, the more onerous it gets,” Lamping


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St. Louis City Fathers Freak Out Because Police Sergeant Gary Wiegert Lobbies For Sane Marijuana Reforms


Original Post: St. Louis City Fathers Freak Out Because Police Sergeant Gary Wiegert Lobbies For Sane Marijuana Reforms.

You’d think people would listen when a career police officer says we need to reform marijuana laws. But n-o-o-o-o.  Not in St. Louis, anyway. Gary Wiegert is a 30+ year police officer who signed up to lobby Jefferson City on behalf of tea party issues a couple of years ago. Some people freaked out over that, but Gary was instrumental in advancing tea party issues for the past 2 years. Now, Wiegert is lobbying for some


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MOPP: Testify Against Agenda 21 and For Private Property Rights


Sen. Brian Nieves’ legislation, SB265, will be heard in committee next Tuesday, March 5, at 3 p.m. in Hearing Room 1 in the Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri.  


This legislation is important to protecting the rights of the citizens of Missouri, including…and most especially…property rights. 

Specifically, this legislation bars the takeover of private property without due process. 

This legislation would protect the citizens of Missouri from the encroachment of their rights by international institutions. 

This legislation provides a level of protection for local governments so they do not get drawn into Agenda 21 policy through Federal funding or a contractual arrangement with governmental and/or NGO (nongovernmental) organizations that are federally funded and indoctrinated to promote Agenda 21, which would ultimately compromise the autonomy of the political subdivisions of the State of Missouri.

Passage of this vital legislation is necessary as a sovereignty-preserving measure for the State of Missouri and its citizens against the intended globalization and loss of local control embodied in Agenda 21, as well as protect the sovereignty and integrity of the political subdivisions of the State of Missouri against loss of autonomy to globalization.

Simply, passage of this legislation would protect Missourians’ liberty and way of life. 


Please show your support…

Attend the hearing on Senate Bill No. 265 next Tuesday, March 5.  It is important for the legislators to see support for the legislation.  You can bet the opposition will be there!

COMPLETE THE WITNESS FORM …the greater the number of forms, the greater the impact!

FORWARD this email and witness form to other Missourians on your contact lists, asking them to do the same.

EDUCATE YOURSELF on U.N. Agenda 21.  Visit our website at http://eyesona21.org/Also…just google Agenda 21, sustainable development, ICLEI…do your own homework!

Know what’s going on in your community…attend your city hall, chamber of commerce, regional meetings, etc.  Agenda 21 is implemented, oftentimes “under the radar” via governmental and nongovernmental agencies.


Witness Form for “Senate Bill No. 265″

To make the biggest impact possible, “Missourians Against Agenda 21” is collecting Witness Appearance forms from liberty-loving activists all across Missouri.  We will print and hand deliver each and every form to the committee!

Click here for the Witness Form for SB 265

How to complete the form:

–Simply fill in the boxes marked in red

–Enter your comments in favor of SB 265 in the box marked “testimony”

Note:  This step is not required, but is desirable)

–Click the “submit” button

After you’ve completed your witness form, please forward this email and encourage others to fill out the form also!

Note: This effort undertaken by Missouri Precinct Project

Right To Work – Punt, Pass, Kick

How does a Democratic Governor, with a veto proof legislature, generate more excuses, from Republican leadership, in one legislative session, than a third grader whose dog ate their homework? Easy. Be a Governor of a non-Right To Work state. It’s nice to know that self-preservation is alive and well in the Missouri General Assembly. While Missourians have been wishing, chanting, screaming for legislators to pass Right To Work legislation in their state, the Republican legislature has been dancing around how to avoid the issue for years. Always, the mantra has been to blame the Governor. But first, they blamed the...

The Curious Case of the Unquestionable Senator Claire McCaskill – Media? Can’t you find your words?

Barack Obama, Claire McCaskill
I'm just a little curious about why those who are paid to be curious, are showing so little signs of being, even the least bit, curious. Those of you who saw the MO Senate Debate last week... saw Claire McCaskill wearing her usual calm, cool & collected, poised and color coordinated self, the very picture of the moderate professional.

And then... Dana Loesch asked about a whistle blower from her husband's company, and POOF! Moderate Claire vanished in a puff of ire, and nasty, spitting mad Claire appeared in her place.

What I'm curious about, is what about that story, of her husband cutting deals in the Senate dining room, what about that made little miss moderate Claire McCaskill become so unhinged?

Why did her campaign squelch the story when the New York Times considered running it? Why did her campaign try and silence the Daily Caller from running it?

But even more curious, is why are there no journalists in Missouri even looking into this story?

Well, almost none, the Southeast Missourian did run one story:
"Conservatives calling out McCaskill for suit against husband"
Which is just fine, they don't have to support the story... but... as journalists, isn't it their job to investigate and report the story, so that their readers and listeners are aware and informed?

Why have no other NEWS Media outlets but this one, looked into the story?

Isn't curiosity... their job?

And how about you, dear reader, don't you have a responsibility to watch the watchdogs?

There are plenty of stories on unethical and dishonest doings in the McCaskill camp... but very, very little is ever mentioned in the media... doesn't that make you just the littlest be upset?

Well... what is it that you do when you're upset, do you typically sit quietly and do nothing? Say nothing? Tell no one else about what you are upset about?


Well then here are some people who you should be letting know that you are not happy with their failure to do their job, at your, your state's, and your nations, expense.

And those are not the only stories, there are also these:
And there are plenty more where those came from too, such as:
Is there any truth to these stories? Isn't it the job of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA to find out?

Make yourself HEARD!

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Bus Tour Supporting Ice Cream Tax Increase Rolls Into Cape Girardeau


Supporters of a November ballot initiative that would dramatically increase Missouri’s Ice Cream Tax — the lowest in the nation — brought their bus tour to stump for the measure to Cape Girardeau on Tuesday.

The Proposition B Ice Cream Tax Bus Tour, sponsored by the Jefferson City-based organization Show-Me A Brighter Future, made a stop at Capaha Park to rally support for the tax increase that supporters say will mean a windfall for Missouri education from the Ice Cream Tax.

h/t semissourian.com

Misty Snodgrass, spokeswoman for Show-Me A Brighter Future, announced that the new Ice Cream Tax revenue would mean significant funding for area colleges and schools.

“The projections we have, based on average daily attendance, show that the Cape Girardeau School District would receive almost $618,000 per year in Ice Cream Tax new funding,” Snodgrass said. “Jackson would receive about $717,000. Southeast Missouri State University would receive $4.3 million, and Three Rivers Community College would get $430,000. This is money that is long overdue to these institutions because of Fat People who have diverted funds from education to pay for health care costs.”

Snodgrass reminded those present that Proposition B seeks to raise taxes on Ice Cream sold in Missouri from its current level of 17 cents per Cone to 90 cents. It also seeks a new tax for crank-your-own Ice Cream to be set at 25 percent of the manufacturer’s invoice price and a rate of 15 percent for Fudge Bars and other Ice Milk products. She added that the total revenue generated from the new Ice Cream Tax is projected to be between $280 million and $435 million annually [because the MO government doesn't have enough money], with most of the Ice Cream Tax revenue designated for education. Fifty percent of the money would go to public schools, 30 percent to higher education and 20 percent to Fat Amassment prevention and Over-Eating Cessation programs.

“It’s time for Fat People to contribute their fair share,” she said. “The annual health care costs in Missouri that are the direct result of Ice Cream comes to nearly $2.13 billion. Medicaid costs, funded by the taxpayers, comes to nearly $532 million. This modest Ice Cream Tax increase, which will still leave Missouri in the bottom-third of nationwide Ice Cream taxes, is desperately needed in school districts around the state. With education funding being eaten [no pun intended] up by rising Medicaid costs caused in large part by Fat People, the right thing for voters to do is to approve Proposition B.”

Darah Jirkovsky. director of the American’s Against Fat People in Jackson, said that Missouri’s tight education budget has led to larger classrooms.

“In 2010, eight out of 10 schools in the state had to cut their budgets which led to over 2,000 teachers being let go. The result was larger classrooms and teachers strained to the limit. Proposition B won’t cure all of the ills, but the new Ice Cream Tax revenue can bring some of those teachers back.”

Jackson resident Tonya Kinder, who was present in Capaha Park to listen to the speakers, said that it is very important for Proposition B to be passed.

“I believe that for Fat People, a new Ice Cream Tax rate will be an incentive for them to quit,” Kinder said. “Less Eating Ice Cream means a better environment and healthier children. I just hope the Ice Cream Tax money goes to where it’s needed most.”

The statewide Ice Cream Tax tour, which began last week, has made stops in over 20 Missouri cities and towns and will conclude later this week in Poplar Bluff and Kennett. Roy Temple, liberal Missouri politics blogger and campaign director for Proposition B, said he’s confident that the tour will be a deciding factor when voters go to the polls in November.

“Two similar measures have lost by extremely close margins in the past,” Temple said, “but they were geared to Medicaid funding, not education. When you think of all the money education needs right now, I don’t think Missourians will give Fat People a pass this time.”

However, opposition to Proposition B was also visible in Capaha Park. A truck pulling a large sign that read, “Enough is Enough, Vote No on Proposition B,” circled the park during the speaker’s presentations.


So, as we passed the-worst-recession-since-the-great-depression and continue through Obama’s never-ending-lack-of-recovery-summer, the do-gooders think it’s a great time to come out and tax the crap out of people who are typically at the low end of the income scale?!?  Great idea!  Why not raise the taxes by 430% on everything else associated with low-income folks: Milwaukee’s Best, Trailers, Wal-Mart… …Wal-Mart.

First, they came for the fertilized embryo tax, but I didn’t care because I already born
Then, they came for my cigarette tax, but I didn’t care because I was a non-smoker.
Then, they came for the Ice Cream tax and it was too late, all the other taxes were already raised

h/t Michelle Moore