Earlier this week, thirty Republican Representatives signed a letter to their leadership in the House of Representatives seeking to defund Obamacare. None of the Republican Reps from either Missouri or Illinois joined their conservative counterparts in signing that letter. They chose instead to support the continuing resolution that spends money we do not have on programs we can not afford.

Senate conservative Ted Cruz (R-TX) has breathed new life into the defund Obamacare movement. As the Washinton Post reports:
Outspoken freshman Sen. Ted Cruz intends to offer an amendment to the stopgap spending plan under debate in Congress this week that would defund President Obama’s health care law until the nation’s economy grows at a rate in line with historical averages.
Roy BluntThat effort has picked up support from both FreedomWorks and The Heritage Foundation--both have key voted the Senate vote on that amendment. That means that Sen. Roy Blunt's (R-MO) vote on that amendment will be reflect in the score he earns from those organizations. Heritage makes the case for defunding it as soon as possible:
The most severe and damaging economic impacts of Obamacare have yet to occur, as they will come with the law’s full implementation and the implementation of its funding mechanisms in 2014. After that point, this law will be more entrenched and its damaging effects will be much more difficult to amend.
The Democrats control the Senate so even if the Conservatives unite behind Ted Cruz, it's unlikely that they will succeed.

Yesterday, both and Hennessy's View reported that the Missouri GOP seems to be flirting with the Medicaid expansion.

I just listened to St. Louis Public Radio's Politically Speaking Podcast.  They had some surprising comments. Around the 22:30 mark in the NPR audio at that link, Chris McDaniel, Jo Mannies, and Jason Rosenbaum speculate that Republican Speaker of the Missouri House, Tim Jones, may be moving toward compromise with Liberal Gov. Jay Nixon on Medicaid expansion.

At last weekend's state-wide Lincoln Days, Jones was crystal clear on the Medicaid expansion. At 24:45 in the video below, he's asked about Gov. Nixon's effort to implement Medicaid expansion. Jones takes a hard line against it, which is exactly what the conservative grassroots expects.

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Amazing. Just amazing. Watch the first three minutes and you'll want to watch the whole hour.

From the YouTube description:
The Determinators is a chilling story which uncovers the dark underside of the massive healthcare reform bill that, once fully implemented, will significantly threaten the way Americans live...and die. Based on the book "The Battle for America's Soul" by CL Gray, MD. The Determinators feature leading experts in the field of healthcare who have studied the fill and it's impending ramifications. 
The Determinators highlights several of the worst elements of Obamacare that big-government bureaucrats want to keep hidden from the public until it's too late. It's information people need to know before they decide how to vote. 
Tea Party Patriots presents a Ground Floor Video production
Producer - Luke Livingston
Adapted and Directed by Pritchett Cotten


The Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System produced Episode 67 of In The Fight. Here's their description of this half-hour show:
On this episode, Marines battle insurgents during Operation Helmand Viper, we take a look back at the rise of green on blue attacks in Afghanistan, advances in new technology are helping train Sailors in a more realistic setting, doctors study service members to learn more about traumatic brain injuries, and service members find assistance in transitioning to the civilian work force. 

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St. Louis Post DispatchJudge's ballot language ruling won't be appealed:
The Missouri attorney general’s office will not appeal a Cole County judge’s ruling this week that removed one of Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s ballot summaries from the November ballot. 
Judge Dan Green on Tuesday sided with Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder and other Republican officials, who said Carnahan’s summary for a measure that deals with the creation of a state-based health insurance exchange was not “fair and sufficient,” as required by law.
The original ballot language for Proposition E was a travesty of partisanship concocted by Missouri's leftist Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and approved and defended by liberal Democrat Attorney General Chris Koster. Here's the ballot summary language that the court threw out at the end of August:
"Shall Missouri law be amended to deny individuals, families, and small businesses the ability to access affordable health care plans through a state-based health benefit exchange unless authorized by statute, initiative or referendum or through an exchange operated by the federal government as required by the federal health care act?”
Here's the court approved ballot summary that will replace it:
"Shall Missouri law be amended to prohibit the governor or any state agency from establishing or operating state-based health insurance exchanges unless authorized by a vote of the people or by the Legislature?"
Interestingly, Koster seems to abandon Carnahan after Judge Green's decision as reported by the P-D:
On his decision not to appeal, Koster, also a Democrat, said Greene’s summary more accurately reflects the Legislature's intent. 
"My job is to call balls and strikes in an impartial manner," he said. "The argument is over.”
However the Janus-faced Koster defended the Carnahan language in court and inexplicably approved it before that. CBS St. Louis reports conservative Republican Ed Martin, who is running to unseat Koster, was critical of Koster for failing to address the ballot language when Carnahan had originally submitted it:
Koster’s office is responsible for representing the state in lawsuits and defended Carnahan and the ballot summary in court. The attorney general declined to appeal the judge’s ruling, although the secretary of state’s office wanted to do so. 
Martin said Tuesday that Koster should have said Carnahan’s ballot summary was misleading. The attorney general’s office is responsible for approving the legal content and form of ballot summaries prepared by the secretary of state’s office. 
Martin criticized the handling of the ballot summary and court challenge, charging that Koster “signed off on ballot language that was inappropriate, not clear and should never have been allowed to be presented.”
Had Koster returned Carnahan's blatantly biased language to the Secretary of State's office for revision instead of approving it, Missouri would have avoided the court costs of defending Carnahan's partisanship.

The legislative changes underlying this ballot initiative are available in Missouri Senate Bill 464.

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On Monday, I interviewed Republican candidate for the US Senate from Indiana Richard Moudock. In this segment of that interview, Mourdock talks about the need to repeal and replace Obamacare/Obamatax and lists the healthcare reform policies that he would like to implement: raising the contribution limits for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), selling health insurance across state lines, allow small businesses and sole proprietorships to form health insurance pools with other businesses, and allow individuals to deduct health insurance expenses from their income taxes just as businesses currently do with their health insurance expenses.

The St. Louis Tea Party held a rally to protest the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Obamacare on the evening the ruling was handed down. Speakers included Michelle Moore, Bill Hennessy, Stephanie Rubach, and the Gateway Pundit. Included in the video playlist above:

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The St. Louis Tea Party gathered at the top of Art Hill in Forest Park to protest the Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare. In a controversial ruling Thursday morning, the Court held that Obama's signature healthcare legislation would remain in place because the so-called individual mandate was, in fact, a tax.

By now you've seen that the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare in a 5-4 ruling. The ruling found that there was no basis in the Commerce Clause for Obamacare as the government's lawyers had argued; however, the high court cited the government's taxing authority:
The justices rejected two of the administration's three arguments in support of the insurance requirement. But the court said the mandate can be construed as a tax. "Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness," Roberts said.
Because Obama promised not to raise taxes on the middle class and the Supreme Court has now ruled that Obamacare is a series of taxes, the Court has handed the president what could be a Pyrrhic victory on his signature legislative accomplishment. In short, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court found that Republican Rep. Joe Wilson was right when he said of President Obama: "you lie". It's good to see the Court take such an active role in the 2012 Presidential campaign. Perhaps the next American president will be a bit more respectful of the Supreme Court lest a Justice accurately observe that the president's comments at a State of the Union address are "not true".

Update: Great quote from Chief Justice Roberts in his majority opinion:
Members of this Court are vested with the authority tointerpret the law; we possess neither the expertise northe prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences oftheir political choices.
Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Care Act

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Gateway Pundit: Awful!… Democrook Governor Jay Nixon Awards $1.1 Billion Contract to HMO After They Contribute $66,500 to His Campaign:
Missouri Democrat Governor Jay Nixon awarded a $1.1 billion contract to a subsidiary of Centene after the company gave $66,500 to his reelection campaign.
The original story comes from Political Mommentary which goes on to note:
Molina Healthcare of Missouri has asked Nixon’s Office of Administration to reconsider its decision. More than 80,000 Missourians are currently enrolled in Molina’s healthcare plan with 13,000 providers  and 25,000 locations established over 16 years of work in Missouri. Centene will replace the company in providing these services without an existing network.
Now, the board of directors for Molina Healthcare of Missouri includes one Ronna Romney. Ronna is the ex-wife of George Romney--presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's brother. She penned a heart-felt defense of Mitt's pro-life bona fides, so it's safe to say that she supports Republican policies as well as Mitt Romney for president. Jay Nixon's $1.1 billion award to Centene serves two purposes. First, it's tax-payer subsidized patronage to one of his donors, and, second, he is stiffing the incumbent provider, Molina Healthcare, in part because of their ties to the Republican party.

That's how centrally planned crony capitalism works.

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