BUYcott Ferguson?


Original Post: BUYcott Ferguson?.

Thursday, August 21, 5 to 6:30 pm. Dozens of Ferguson businesses have suffered damage. Not only do those businesses need healing, their customers need their services. We can help. BUYcott Ferguson. Just as we helped Whole Foods by BUYcotting September 1, 2009, we can help small businesses in Ferguson by BUYcotting Thursday, August 21, 5…

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Francis Slay Destroys the Transportation Sales Tax Trying to Support It **UPDATE**


Original Post: Francis Slay Destroys the Transportation Sales Tax Trying to Support It **UPDATE**.

Doesn’t it suck when Jay Nixon and Francis Slay get on opposite sides of an issue? Where do we go? They’re on opposite sides of Amendment 7, the largest tax increase in Missouri history. And you need to choose a side before August 5, because the ball’s in the voters’ court. But there’s no need…

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Found: The One Question John Boehner Doesn’t Want to Answer About Defunding Obamacare


Original Post: Found: The One Question John Boehner Doesn’t Want to Answer About Defunding Obamacare.

Q: If the Republicans don’t have the stomach for shutting down the government now, how will they have the stomach to take away insurance from millions of people in 2017? Boehner, Cantor, and the House GOP leaders don’t want to use the continuing resolution to fight Obamacare. They’re afraid that doing so–even if they succeed–will... Read more »

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Head To Jefferson City Wednesday To Fight Common Core and Medicaid Expansion


Original Post: Head To Jefferson City Wednesday To Fight Common Core and Medicaid Expansion.

John Lamping is one of the brightest stars for liberty in the Missouri Senate, and he needs our help this week. Let’s support liberty by fighting Medicaid Expansion and Common Core State Standards in education. Tell Us You’re Going! RSVP on Facebook! Committees hear two big bills on Wednesday, March 13, in Jefferson City. Medicaid Expansion Common Core restrictions “The more I look into this Common Core data collection, the more onerous it gets,” Lamping


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MOPP: Testify Against Agenda 21 and For Private Property Rights


Sen. Brian Nieves’ legislation, SB265, will be heard in committee next Tuesday, March 5, at 3 p.m. in Hearing Room 1 in the Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri.  


This legislation is important to protecting the rights of the citizens of Missouri, including…and most especially…property rights. 

Specifically, this legislation bars the takeover of private property without due process. 

This legislation would protect the citizens of Missouri from the encroachment of their rights by international institutions. 

This legislation provides a level of protection for local governments so they do not get drawn into Agenda 21 policy through Federal funding or a contractual arrangement with governmental and/or NGO (nongovernmental) organizations that are federally funded and indoctrinated to promote Agenda 21, which would ultimately compromise the autonomy of the political subdivisions of the State of Missouri.

Passage of this vital legislation is necessary as a sovereignty-preserving measure for the State of Missouri and its citizens against the intended globalization and loss of local control embodied in Agenda 21, as well as protect the sovereignty and integrity of the political subdivisions of the State of Missouri against loss of autonomy to globalization.

Simply, passage of this legislation would protect Missourians’ liberty and way of life. 


Please show your support…

Attend the hearing on Senate Bill No. 265 next Tuesday, March 5.  It is important for the legislators to see support for the legislation.  You can bet the opposition will be there!

COMPLETE THE WITNESS FORM …the greater the number of forms, the greater the impact!

FORWARD this email and witness form to other Missourians on your contact lists, asking them to do the same.

EDUCATE YOURSELF on U.N. Agenda 21.  Visit our website at…just google Agenda 21, sustainable development, ICLEI…do your own homework!

Know what’s going on in your community…attend your city hall, chamber of commerce, regional meetings, etc.  Agenda 21 is implemented, oftentimes “under the radar” via governmental and nongovernmental agencies.


Witness Form for “Senate Bill No. 265″

To make the biggest impact possible, “Missourians Against Agenda 21” is collecting Witness Appearance forms from liberty-loving activists all across Missouri.  We will print and hand deliver each and every form to the committee!

Click here for the Witness Form for SB 265

How to complete the form:

–Simply fill in the boxes marked in red

–Enter your comments in favor of SB 265 in the box marked “testimony”

Note:  This step is not required, but is desirable)

–Click the “submit” button

After you’ve completed your witness form, please forward this email and encourage others to fill out the form also!

Note: This effort undertaken by Missouri Precinct Project

You Need To Be At Helen Fitzgerald’s On February 21


We picked a special date to expose a special mess: February Twenty-One. Agenda 21.

Please join us as we host Ray Cunio talking to us about Agenda 21. As a leading speaker on this very important issue, Ray will tell us what we need to know about Agenda 21 and what steps we should be taking in our communities to stop the advancement of this liberty killing initiative.

Helen Fitzgerald’s
3650 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Saint Louis, Missouri 63127
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Life As You’ve Known It Is About To Change

sexy voter

You have a choice. You can drive that change, or you can be swallowed by it.

In a free society, people have liberty to do anything except a few prohibited things.

In a totalitarian society, people have liberty to do nothing except a few permitted things.

In a free society, the people have a black list of things they must not do, and government has a white of a few things it may do.

In Barack Obama’s America, the government has the black list and the people live by a short white list.

You have a choice. You can live in a society where a few things are prohibited but everything else is up to you. Or you can live in a society where you must get permission to do anything.

Yes, the choice is that stark. It’s up to you whether your society is free or controlled.

And voting is not enough. If you want a free society, you must bring others like you to the polls.

We can help you do that.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday St. Louis Tea Party’s Liberty HQ is open all day. We can provide everything you need to sustain the free society, including a walk list—paper or smartphone—so you can call out others to vote for freedom with you.

Come to 9966 Lin Ferry Dr, St. Louis, MO 63123, at Lindbergh and Tesson Ferry, to control your destiny.

You are not alone. But you will be if you don’t act.

Election Update from Heritage Action

sexy voter

The November 6 Election is less than a week away, and it’s time to GOTV!

If you are near the STL area you can volunteer at the Liberty HQ: 9966 Lin Ferry Rd., St. Louis, MO 63123

-Hours: 12-8 every day, up until election day; all day Election Day, followed by a Watch Party
If you are in IL, find a candidate or cause and GOTV!
Remember, Election Day is extremely important, but the day after the election is when the real hard work begins.
We noted months ago that a Lame Duck session would be detrimental to conservative principles, and we must stop Congress from acting before new members sit in session:
The fiscal cliff & taxmageddon will probably enter the conversation on Lame Duck:
Stay vigilant after Election Day!
At Heritage Action, we pay attention to the use of our Legislative Scorecard across the country.  Lately, we have noticed a couple of media mentions out of Galesburg, Illinois.  There is a great tea party group up there, and I had the privilege of speaking at one of their rallies.  It’s great to hear that the conservative activists in Galesburg are using the Scorecard effectively.  For more information on the Scorecard, go here:
And let us know how you are using the Scorecard in your community.
If you need something funny to cheer up your day, check out this amusing video on polling from Bill Hennessy, Co-Founder of the St. Louis Tea Party:
Good luck with all of your GOTV efforts, and we look forward to promoting conservative principles & holding our legislators accountable after a great election result!
Ben Evans
STL Regional Coordinator
Heritage Action for America

Democrats Have 10-Year-Olds Doing GOTV


What do you expect? Grown-ups know better than to wreck their lives even further with four more years of blame, malaise, and failure.

The Oval Office isn’t the only one up for refilling on November 6—less than a week from today.

There’s a Senate seat in Missouri. And a governor. Attorney General. Secretary of State, Treasurer, Lieutenant Governor.  US House seats. Many more.

There are ballot initiatives.

And there is a new, gigantic generation of young voters just waiting to be asked to vote.

Make getting out the vote YOUR MISSION for this week.

Come to the Liberty HQ at 9966 Lin Ferry Dr., St. Louis, MO 63123 any day from noon 7 pm.  Give just one hour on the phones or knocking on doors of likely conservative voters.  Make sure they’re planning to vote. Deliver a yard sign. Cheer them on, and thank them for doing their duty by voting for America’s future.

We’re waiting for you.

Important Ballot Questions at Stake


With all the focus on the presidential race and some of the congressional elections, there are a number of important state ballot questions that we must not overlook.  Many of us claim that conservatism is not on the ballot in many states where the candidates for Congress are underwhelming.  However, there are a plethora of ballot questions that deal with taxes, marriage, and Obamacare – issues that are of great concern to conservatives.

Here is an informal list of some important ballot questions – some good and some bad.  We’ll update this post next week to reflect the results of the ballot initiatives and referendums.


  • Obamacare: Amendment 6 would prohibit any coercion to comply with Obamacare mandates.
  • Labor: Amendment 7 would guarantee the right to a secret ballot in union elections.


  • Death Penalty: Proposition 34 would end the death penalty in California.
  • Taxes: Proposition 30 would uphold Jerry Brown’s motherload of all tax increases; sales tax, income tax, millionaire’s tax….


  • Campaign Finance: Amendment 65 attempts to end-run the Citizens United decision by urging the state to adopt limits on corporate donations.


  • Obamacare: Amendment 1 would prevent any law that forces individuals to purchase health insurance.
  • Abortion: Amendment 6 prohibits public funds for abortions.


  • School Choice: Amendment 1 gives the state legislature the right to create special schools.


  • Guns: Amendment 2 affirms that the right to bear arms includes acquisition, transport, carry, transfer of firearms.  It is designed as a preemptive strike against judicial activism infringing on the Second Amendment.


  • Gay Marriage – Question 1 would overturn a voter-approved 2009 ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage in the state.


  • Dream Act : Maryland will vote on whether to uphold the state law to grant instate tuition to illegal aliens with Question 4.
  • Gay Marriage: Questions 6 places the gay marriage law passed by the Maryland legislature before the voters.
  • Redistricting: Maryland Democrats passed the most egregious congressional map of all states.  It will net them another House seat.  Voters will decide whether to uphold the map with Question 5.


  •   Euthanasia: Question 2 would establish laws to allow for a terminally ill patient to be given lethal drugs.


  • Labor: Proposal 2 would enshrine collective bargaining rights for union into the state constitution.
  • Taxes: Proposal 5 would require that increases in state taxes must be approved by either a 2/3 majority in the Legislature or by a statewide vote.
  • Cap and Trade: Proposal 3 would mandate that by 2025, 25% of the state’s electricity must come from renewable resources.


  • Gay Marriage: Amendment 1 would define marriage in the Minnesota Constitution as between one man and one woman in the state.
  • Voter ID: Amendment 2 would require voters to show picture ID before voting in the state.


  • Obamacare: Proposition E would prevent the governor from establishing the healthcare exchanges required under Obamacare.


  • Abortion: LR-120 would require parental notification before abortions are performed.
  • Illegal Immigration:  LR-121 would require proof of citizenship in order for a person to receive certain services provided by the state.
  • Obamacare: LR-122 would prohibit any coercion to comply with Obamacare mandates.
  • Campaign Finance: I-166 would ban certain corporate contributions and expenditures in state and national elections.  This is yet another attempt to circumvent the Citizens United ruling.

New Hampshire

  • Taxes: CACR 13 would institute a constitutional ban on any implementation of a state income tax.


  • Affirmative Action: State Question 759 would ban affirmative action programs in the state, and would prohibit special treatment based on race or sex in public employment, education and contracts.



  • Taxes: Measure 84 phases out estate/inheritance tax, tax on death-related property transfers, and tax on property transfers between family members


  • Eminent Domain: Question 1 would prohibit eminent domain from being used for private enterprise.


  • Taxes: Initiative 1185 would require either two-thirds legislative approval or a vote by the people in order to raise taxes.
  • Gay Marriage: Referendum 74 puts the issue of gay marriage before the voters.


  • Obamacare: Constitutional Amendment A would prohibit any coercion to comply with Obamacare mandates.

In addition, the following states will be voting on some form of legalizing marijuana:  Arkansas (medical), Colorado (recreational), Massachusetts (medical)