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  • Trump Was Right! Obama White House ‘Wiretapped’ Paul Manafort

    CAUTION: This report comes from very fake news blog CNN and may fall apart over the next 24 to 48 hours (like most of CNN’s fake reports fall apart). CNN is reporting that Special Investigator Robert Mueller leaked secret documents to the press indicating the Obama White House “wiretapped” Paul Manafort before and after last […]

  • Leftists Turn Against Nancy

    Nancy Pelosi is paying a price for statesmanship. Remember when this blog wrote about liberals saving us from Antifa? But one group can save us from the Antifa caliphate. An unlikely group. A group you’d never believe could be the heroes of this terrifying story. Who’s this group? Who will save America? Who will preserve […]

  • Chuck and Nancy and Donald and Mitch and Paul

    You can almost see it in your mind if you try. The cartons of Chinese takeout. The torn blisters of soy sauce. Nancy Pelosi, former swimsuit model, laughing at The Donald’s off-color jokes. About Mitch McConnell. Or Paul Ryan. While Chuck fills color of his own, about deals he helped The Donald put together back […]

  • Graceless

    Not often does a person or an event fit every definition of a single word. But Hillary Clinton’s life after the election fits perfectly all three definitions of graceless. Graceless. Graceless Hillary. Why didn’t Donald Trump think of that one during the campaign. “Graceless Hillary…” Not a single rational being could challenge the accuracy of […]

  • Counselling Sessions

    Eight months into the Trump Administration, one cabinet appointment stands out as a flop: Attorney General Jeff Sessions. We all had a lot of hope. Back in January. Hope. Hope for the Trump administration. Hope for American greatness. And hope for justice. If you’re a Tea Partier, you had a lot of hope. Jeff Sessions […]

  • No Mercy for Equifax: Stock Price Zero

    Move Over, Enron: Equifax Is Next The worst problem of modernity lies in the malignant transfer of fragility and antifragility from one party to the other, with one getting the benefits, the other one (unwittingly) getting the harm, with such transfer facilitated by the growing wedge between the ethical and the legal. This state of […]

  • The Strategy That Dare Not Speak Its Name

    By now you’ve heard that President Trump struck a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Trump struck a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Trump struck a deal by going around Congressional Republicans. Trump struck a deal with Democrats. It’s about time, frankly. But Trump can go a lot further on this path. If […]

  • Did Mark and Andrew Madoff Profit from Bernie’s Crimes?

    Many people say, “you shouldn’t punish children for sins of the parent.” That’s something we firmly believe as Americans. The US Constitution even prohibits “corruption of blood.” Corruption of blood refers to laws that pass guilt genetically from generation to generation. I think we can all agree that punishing children for their parents’ crimes is […]

  • Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario in North Korea

    You wake up and nothing works. No electricity. No cell phone or land line. No radio. No electric tooth brush. No internet or cable. No laptop. No tablet. Car: nothing. What happened? No, it’s not a scene from the Twilight Zone. It’s the aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse attack. EMP for short. An EMP attack […]

  • Next: The Great Lefty Shark Jump

    It might happen before I finish typing this post. Maybe it already happened. Maybe we just haven’t heard. Or maybe it’s a few days away. But it’s coming, folks. Believe me, it’s coming. And it’s gonna be a doozy. So many lefties were hoping that Hurricane Harvey would finally knock out President Trump. If they pray, they […]

  • Laugh at them, not with them

    The left is crying. One guy on twitter is nearly suicidal. Hoft has more. Here’s what happened. Someone posted this photo on twitter. All the sane people laughed. @realDonaldTrump retweeted. And now it’s the left’s new Russian conspiracy. I remember when all the best comedians were liberals. But the new left traded its sense of […]

  • Houston’s Gift

    “It’s your life. You don’t know how long it’s gonna last, but you know it doesn’t end well. You’ve gotta move forward … as soon as you can figure out what that means.” —Don Draper, Mad Men, Season two, Six Month Leave Dear People of Houston (and thereabouts), President Trump has said, “the whole world […]

  • Now America Is Back!

    We’ve been saying “America is back” ever since President Trump’s beautiful inauguration in January. And we meant it. But “America is back” rose to a higher level today. A level not since the days following 9-11. Or maybe the greatest moments of the Reagan administration. Today, in Houston, we saw the America of our dreams. […]

  • Character and Leadership in Houston

    When I watch President Trump in Texas, I am reminded of one of my favorite books. Arthur C. Brooks wrote in The Conservative Heart: There is a common misconception that conservatives are materialistic. We are not, and this confusion is a central political irony of our time. Progressives truly want to help the poor but […]

  • I still think James Comey is a felon, and the FBI is corrupt

    James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton three months before he interviewed her. James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton before interviewing 16 key witnesses. James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton before he gathered any significant evidence. James Comey gave Hillary Clinton permission to destroy evidence in a felony investigation. James Comey leaked classified information to the media. These are […]

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