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  • Peace Through Violence: CNN’s Radical Chic Moment

    CNN screwed up. And it reminds me of an incident from 1970. A headline writer admitted that the Antifa terror group seeks “peace through violence.” Later, presumably after receiving threats from Antifa terrorists, CNN removed the “peace through violence” sub-head. But the damage was done. CNN stumbled onto real news. Real news that exposes Antifa’s […]

  • Who’s a Racist?

    So many people say it’s okay for Antifa to beat people they don’t like. Tim Cook says it. Mitt Romney says it. It’s easy to agree with them. It’s easy to say, “I hate racists and Nazis. I’m glad somebody’s taking the initiative and beating them with clubs.” Many people feel that way. Many people […]

  • What Is Character?

    Worry about your character, not your reputation. Reputation is what people think of you. Character is who you are. —John Wooden, legendary coach of basketball and character Everyone admits that President Trump cares more about his character than about his reputation. Only a man concerned with his character would tell the truth. Reputation is what people […]

  • What Was Good About Charlottesville

    Reading Time: 5 minutesCharlottesville used to be a place. Now, it’s a thing. On Friday, Charlottesville was a city in Virginia. Today, Charlottesville is an event. A thing. In our hyper-emotional world of 2017, we are told to explore our emotions. Then act upon those emotions. Like poorly trained animals. Like half-wits. Like narcissists and spoiled brats. Like […]

  • How Greitens Protected Privacy in Missouri

    Reading Time: 2 minutesAngry texts. I got a bunch of very angry texts this morning. My friends are fired up. Because of Governor Greitens’s executive order. An executive order that implements a novel approach to prescription drug databases.  In case you haven’t heard, Governor Greitens signed an executive order on July 17. The EO made Missouri the 50th […]

  • How to Ignore the News

    Reading Time: 2 minutes“Will Trump survive this?” A friend of mine texted me yesterday. I had no idea what the “this” was. Later, I learned. Turns out, like most of the media’s breathless revelations about Trump’s supposed crimes, the story that people reacted to meant little. The anti-Trump media exploded with fake news, fake interpretations of real news, […]

  • Foxconn’s Hiring and Mooch Is Safe

    Reading Time: 2 minutesYou know it’s coming. Some fake news hack will claim the whole Foxconn-Wisconsin deal was a plot to find a new job for Reince Priebus. Reince Priebus, the erstwhile White House chief of staff who prides himself on blocking deplorables from the White House posts they deserve, has been relieved of duties. He’s on his […]

  • Priebus Over-Under

    Reading Time: 1 minutesI’ll set the over-under on Priebus’s resignation/firing at 10 days (August 6). Pick over or under in the comments. Winners will get great satisfaction. I’m taking under. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Gateway Pundit has it all. It’s juicy! Just yesterday, Washington Times pointed out that the very swampy Priebus is increasingly […]

  • Regarding Jeff Sessions

    Reading Time: 1 minutesI campaigned for and voted for Donald Trump. I stand 100% behind Trump today. I support Trump because he’s a fighter. He’s a man of action. Trump prosecutes his causes, he doesn’t navel gaze. Jeff Sessions is a good man. He’s a good Washington man. He has standards of decorum. Standards I admire. Trump has […]

  • Why You Must See Dunkirk

    Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen Winston Churchill mouthed these eternal words, his nation’s life expectancy was about six months. All of Western Civilization, all of Christiandom, seemed doomed. One defiant man ended a speech to his House of Commons with this: I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the […]

  • Feeling Exposed and Protected

    Reading Time: 4 minutesPeople want cover. Danger drives us together. It’s our nature. Our herding response gave our species an advantage. The herders lived to breed. The wanderers, the stragglers, fell prey. Genes of herders increased. Genes of loners receded. But our strongest cover is our parents. They’re the protection we seek. The pair of humans who brought us […]

  • UPDATE: Kid Rock Winning MI Senate Race

    Reading Time: 1 minutesIf the election were held today, Senator Kid Rock would be a thing. Via The Gateway Pundit: News broke this weekend that Kid Rock is LEADING challenger, Dem Debbie Stabenow in a new poll 30% to 26%! Everyone who wrote this off as a joke, then as a publicity stunt, then as impossible, then as improbable will be […]

  • Free Forever Through Stoicism

    Reading Time: 2 minutes“Some things we can control, some we can’t. We can control our attitudes, opinions, goals and desires – choices of our own. We can’t control health, wealth, fame or power – things we can’t have by choosing them.” —Epictetus Freedom begins with understanding what we control and we do not. Yet very few people even […]

  • Senator Rock: Who’s the Joke? (offensive) VIDEO

    Reading Time: 2 minutesMy serious Republican friends (think of people like Chris Wallace and Charles Krauthammer) worry. They worry about this trend toward “unserious” politicians getting elected. They worry about “what it says about voters” who elect Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and (very soon) Kid Rock. These serious Republicans long for the days of serious men and serious […]

  • Sorry If Governor Greitens Hurts Your Feelings

    Reading Time: 3 minutesKudos to Governor Greitens and the Missouri legislature. They killed a minimum wage law in St. Louis. The law would was designed to make city politicians feel better about themselves. It’s certain result would have been fewer jobs for the people who need jobs the most. Why are you complaining about Governor Greitens’ first term? Did […]

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