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  • St. Louis prosecutor joins war on cops

    St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner (D) wants to control all investigations of police “use of force” incidents, including officer involved shootings. Her political background and recent public statements indicate that she would bring a distinct anti-police bias to such investigations.

  • Hostility to women not responsible for Wagner’s withdrawal

    Consistent with the mainsteam media’s continuing campaign to paint the Republican Party as inhospitable to women, Roll Call published a Nathan Gonzales column blaming perceived GOP hostility to women for the withdrawal of Congresswoman Ann Wagner from consideration for the GOP nomination to oppose Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s reelection next year. Gonzales is wrong. Wagner […]

  • Resist bullying: Vote NO on Props 1 & 2

    Supporters of Major League Soccer are trying to bully vulnerable St. Louis voters into raising regressive sales taxes to help them leverage their investment in a new stadium. The City has more pressing needs. Voters should stay tough, stand tall, refuse to be bullied, and vote No on Propositions 1 and 2.

  • A national electorate of snowflakes?

    Close presidential elections often turn on small seminal moments that matter. The moments that decided the two most recent presidential elections were emotional reactions to off-the-cuff remarks by the losing candidate that offended them.

  • Vote NO on Judge Calea Stovall-Reid

    Voters in the City of St. Louis should vote NO on the retention of Associate Circuit Judge Calea Stovall-Reid. She frustrates law enforcement by setting minimal bail for dangerous defendants.

  • The Libertarian felon is no alternative to Roy Blunt

    This post is a bit of a throwback to a post about Missouri’s U.S. Senate race in 2012. There’s good reason for the similarity: the Libertarian candidate who drew votes away from the Republican nominee then and the Libertarian candidate likely drawing votes away from Republican Sen. Roy Blunt now are the same guy, Jonathan […]

  • Robin Smith is no political outsider

    Democrat Robin Smith’s self-portrayal as a political outsider in her campaign for Missouri Secretary of State is false. She is the daughter and sister of Democratic St. Louis aldermen in the political machine of J. B. “Jet” Banks. The office she seeks supervises elections and officials who verify the identities of absentee voters.

  • Media manipulation in MOSEN contest

    In coverage of Missouri’s U.S. Senate race, the St. Louis media are concealing newsworthy information about Green Party candidate Johnathan McFarland that might cause some voters to vote for him instead of Kander, and newsworthy information about Libertarian candidate Jonathan Dine that might cause other voters not to vote for him and vote instead for Blunt. It’s a small part of the “rigging” of elections by dishonest media that Donald Trump mentions frequently. It sounds crazy, but he’s actually right.

  • St. Louis gets its own Marilyn Mosby

    Out of this past week’s politically correct celebration of the sweep of all three citywide offices by African American candidates in the Democratic primary in the City of St. Louis, there is a note of concern for adherents of law and order. Kim Gardner, the state representative who won the Democratic nomination for Circuit Attorney, […]

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