We stand before government, yelling “STOP!”


To people who cherish freedom and liberty, St. Louis Tea Party Coalition provides actionable information, social connections, and events to help them counter the growing threat to personal freedom and economic opportunity posed by a growing central government.


Imagine living your life without worrying about the government interfering with your plans. No weird, failed health insurance laws that make you buy something you don’t want or need. No big deductions from your paycheck for taxes that reward people who don’t work, for retirement savings you’ll never see, for bailouts of billionaires whose greed led them to make bad investments, for massive spy networks that monitor your every word and action. Imagine your life with the petty and annoying rules about everything from the clothes you wear to the words you use to the jokes you tell to the car you drive.

We know that the American Dream isn’t to own your own home–it’s to own your own life. If we’re successful, you will own your own life. If you’re successful, that might include owning your own home.


St. Louis Tea Party Coalition founded February 27, 2009 by 1,500 patriots. Fighting to restore Constitutionally Limited Government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility. Non-partisan non-profit. St. Louis, Missouri.

The whole thing started when CNBC reporter Rick Santelli challenged Barack Obama to come to the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and explain to the people there why they should pay for other people’s bad financial decisions. He ended the rant by saying, “We’re gonna have a tea party here in Chicago . . . in July.”

We believe in small government and dealing with the consequences of your own bad decisions. We utterly reject the notion that the most productive and responsible members of society owe a government-mandated handout to the less productive and irresponsible. If anything, it’s the other way around. While charity is a cornerstone of our society and faith, it is nowhere permitted in the Constitution. Charity works best closest to home.

We are fighting to preserve our Republic. No country is free when its government can confiscate private property at will. And unread, unconsidered legislation scurried into law in the dark of night is not due process; it’s tyranny.

Come fight with us. Your republic is at stake.


  1. John Colbert says:

    Little Johnny and the Bee
    “All right class, everyone take your seats. We need to review for the upcoming spelling bee. Nancy, you and Barak stop holding hands and go to your desks. In fact, remind me to separate you two later. You shouldn’t sit so close. I’ll put the little Boehner boy between you; just as soon as he stops crying.” Mrs. Nea stands before her class, commanding obedience with a glare.
    “Yes, Mrs. Nea”, replied the 4th graders.
    “Johnny Roberts! Put down that dictionary. You should have studied your vocabulary last night.”
    “Aw, shucks Mrs. Nea! I wasn’t hurtin’ no one”, Johnny protested.
    “That’s not the point, Johnny. Sit down and wait to be called upon.”
    “Ok”, murmurs Mrs. Nea. “Miss Pelosi, please stand.”
    Little Nancy stood by her desk grinning. It was something she did well. Combined with the constant startled look in her eyes, Mrs. Nea wondered what continuously surprised the child.
    “Spell, ‘healthcare’”, commanded the teacher.
    “Healthcare; can you use it in a sentence?” asked Nancy.
    “Healthcare is something everyone should have”, came back the response.
    “Can you define it, please?”
    “I’m sorry Nancy, but I cannot define it until you’ve spelled it”
    “Teacher, that doesn’t make any sense.”
    “Try and remember that in the future, Nancy. Still, the word is ‘healthcare’”.
    “Healthcare; h-e-l-t-h-k-a-r-e; healthcare”.
    “No, I’m sorry Nancy. Take your seat.”
    The child sat down. No change of expression, still showing the same startled look a cat gives when confronted by a flying insect.
    “Master Obama, stand please”, voiced the only adult in the room. “Spell ‘gullible’.”
    “Master? Is that a racist joke?” shouted little Albert Sharpton.
    “Don’t be so sensitive, Albert. Continue Barak.”
    “Gullible, C-a-t-h-o-l-i-c-s, gullible”
    “Barak, do you even know what gullible means? Catholics aren’t gullible.”
    “Democrat ones are. You can push their Church around and tell them the 1st amendment didn’t mean them. Man, they’re quick to bend over.”
    “Barak! That is inappropriate for class. However, sounds like you have a future in politics. Sit down.”
    Hearing sobbing coming from the back of the room, Mrs. Nea decides to help an emotional child put their mind to something else. “Master Boehner, please rise.” Suddenly, the teacher realized it was fortunate that her
    nasal congestion had passed. “Spell ‘Speaker’.”
    Sobbing, the student tried to begin, “Speaker, (sob) ssss-s-…p…p-eeeeeeeeeee-a-…”
    Mrs. Nea interrupts, “That will be all John. You can sit down now.” The teacher made a mental note to find out if he has been playing with the little Beck boy again. Those two would cry over a Road Runner cartoon.
    Suddenly, one of the children could contain himself no longer. “Oh! Oh! Teacher! Call on me…me…me…me.
    “Alright Master Roberts, standup”, she instructed.
    Little Johnny Roberts hid a pocket dictionary in his desk that he had been peeking into before rising to his feet. Brushing his unruly hair with his fingers, he gives a smile to Nancy. Barak glared menacingly.
    Mrs. Nea looked at the next term to be spelled, “rat”. No, she wasn’t falling for that one again; best to find another word. “Ah, here we are. Johnny spell ‘penalty’”
    “Can you use it in a sentence?”
    “The young man had to pay a penalty for not buying insurance.”
    “May I have the definition, please?”
    “A fine placed against a person or company for violation of law.”
    “Penalty, t-a-x, penalty.”
    “I weep for the future of my country”, she exclaimed.
    Who knew?

    John Colbert

  2. James Errett says:

    Hello, I am quite interested in the idea of a government operating with a balanced budget. And that amount not being too big a per cent of the overall market. I have a concern though of those people who would just loose a chunk of their support. I say I have developed a way to make a great progress in that area, shuffling a small wad of the corporation taxes in a fair and logical way, a better spread of the bigger velocity, reaching all the employees and the retired employees .

    Our use of credit will be lower and lower each quarter. The one lump sum of money will be re-used and re-used each quarter. There are more points like that in further pages to my typing. But please read the first few pages on this website first.

    I have made up a website that takes 15 or 20 minutes to read. I’ll either have you laughing up a pretty big laugh or re-reading the pages once you’ve read the idea. The name of this website is http://www.everybodyprofits.net. Please do give my idea a reading. Thanks, Jim Erett

    I live in Alton, Il 62002
    [email protected] 618 407 9391