We stand before government, yelling “STOP!”


To people who cherish freedom and liberty, St. Louis Tea Party Coalition provides actionable information, social connections, and events to help them counter the growing threat to personal freedom and economic opportunity posed by a growing central government.


Imagine living your life without worrying about the government interfering with your plans. No weird, failed health insurance laws that make you buy something you don’t want or need. No big deductions from your paycheck for taxes that reward people who don’t work, for retirement savings you’ll never see, for bailouts of billionaires whose greed led them to make bad investments, for massive spy networks that monitor your every word and action. Imagine your life with the petty and annoying rules about everything from the clothes you wear to the words you use to the jokes you tell to the car you drive.

We know that the American Dream isn’t to own your own home–it’s to own your own life. If we’re successful, you will own your own life. If you’re successful, that might include owning your own home.


St. Louis Tea Party Coalition founded February 27, 2009 by 1,500 patriots. Fighting to restore Constitutionally Limited Government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility. Non-partisan non-profit. St. Louis, Missouri.

The whole thing started when CNBC reporter Rick Santelli challenged Barack Obama to come to the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and explain to the people there why they should pay for other people’s bad financial decisions. He ended the rant by saying, “We’re gonna have a tea party here in Chicago . . . in July.”

We believe in small government and dealing with the consequences of your own bad decisions. We utterly reject the notion that the most productive and responsible members of society owe a government-mandated handout to the less productive and irresponsible. If anything, it’s the other way around. While charity is a cornerstone of our society and faith, it is nowhere permitted in the Constitution. Charity works best closest to home.

We are fighting to preserve our Republic. No country is free when its government can confiscate private property at will. And unread, unconsidered legislation scurried into law in the dark of night is not due process; it’s tyranny.

Come fight with us. Your republic is at stake.