MOPP: Testify Against Agenda 21 and For Private Property Rights

Sen. Brian Nieves’ legislation, SB265, will be heard in committee next Tuesday, March 5, at 3 p.m. in Hearing Room 1 in the Capitol Building, Jefferson City, Missouri.  


This legislation is important to protecting the rights of the citizens of Missouri, including…and most especially…property rights. 

Specifically, this legislation bars the takeover of private property without due process. 

This legislation would protect the citizens of Missouri from the encroachment of their rights by international institutions. 

This legislation provides a level of protection for local governments so they do not get drawn into Agenda 21 policy through Federal funding or a contractual arrangement with governmental and/or NGO (nongovernmental) organizations that are federally funded and indoctrinated to promote Agenda 21, which would ultimately compromise the autonomy of the political subdivisions of the State of Missouri.

Passage of this vital legislation is necessary as a sovereignty-preserving measure for the State of Missouri and its citizens against the intended globalization and loss of local control embodied in Agenda 21, as well as protect the sovereignty and integrity of the political subdivisions of the State of Missouri against loss of autonomy to globalization.

Simply, passage of this legislation would protect Missourians’ liberty and way of life. 


Please show your support…

Attend the hearing on Senate Bill No. 265 next Tuesday, March 5.  It is important for the legislators to see support for the legislation.  You can bet the opposition will be there!

COMPLETE THE WITNESS FORM …the greater the number of forms, the greater the impact!

FORWARD this email and witness form to other Missourians on your contact lists, asking them to do the same.

EDUCATE YOURSELF on U.N. Agenda 21.  Visit our website at…just google Agenda 21, sustainable development, ICLEI…do your own homework!

Know what’s going on in your community…attend your city hall, chamber of commerce, regional meetings, etc.  Agenda 21 is implemented, oftentimes “under the radar” via governmental and nongovernmental agencies.


Witness Form for “Senate Bill No. 265″

To make the biggest impact possible, “Missourians Against Agenda 21” is collecting Witness Appearance forms from liberty-loving activists all across Missouri.  We will print and hand deliver each and every form to the committee!

Click here for the Witness Form for SB 265

How to complete the form:

–Simply fill in the boxes marked in red

–Enter your comments in favor of SB 265 in the box marked “testimony”

Note:  This step is not required, but is desirable)

–Click the “submit” button

After you’ve completed your witness form, please forward this email and encourage others to fill out the form also!

Note: This effort undertaken by Missouri Precinct Project