Bill, thank you very much for the accolades about me in your article on Hennessy’s View about the Ed Martin win. I need to make a correction. I am not a member of the State Committee. One might easily think that, since all I have talked about since the November election is the importance of electing strong conservatives to the State Committee and the election of the Party Chair. I might have encouraged some committee people to run and I might have even helped some in getting elected but I decided not to run my myself.

But thanks for the compliments which I gladly accept. Ed Martin and Bill Hennessy are the two individuals that have inspired me from the very beginning of the conservative movement in St.Louis. This was proven again yesterday when Ed gave a short speech about why he aspires to be party chair. While the other candidates talked about what they had done or what they are going to do, Ed talked about where he aspires us to go and to move the country back so our children live in a better place based on principles of the constitution. Bill and Ed are an inspiration and I encourage them both to continue to speak out and to speak to the aspirations of us all. Thanks guys and God Bless.