Helpful Hints for voting

It is very discouraging to hear all the stories about voter fraud in various places. It might be helpful to realize that every state has different rules and regulations,  about Voter ID information or how the election is conducted. It even varies County by County within a state. So when you hear stories about North Carolina, Ohio or Nevada, it  does not necessarily mean it happens in Missouri.

But here are some helpful hints that might help you.


Be patient and allow plenty of time

·        Make sure you know what ID is permitted. You can use your Missouri Drivers License. It is just that the poll worker can not ask you to use your Drivers License.

·        If there is bottlenecks inside the polling place and you can tell what the reason is, inform the Supervisor and ask them to fix it or call the Board of Election to report this. Oftentimes holdups and bottlenecks are created on purpose to create confusion.

·        Be patient.

     Most Poll workers are trying to do their jobs and make the process work as smoothly as possible, while trying to make sure the rules are followed.

·        If you vote electronically, make sure you check the vote count on the machine before you start – tap the screen and a number will show up on the buttom of the screen

  •  As you make your selections, check the paper tape (left side of the screen) to make sure your choice is reported correctly
  •  If not, alert the supervisor and request a new ballot/refreshed screen but make sure your incorrect vote is cancelled before you start up again.
  •  Once you have completed your ballot and “VOTE”, check the vote count increased by ONE only.

·        If you vote by Paper Ballot, make sure all your selections are completed correctly – the bubble is filled in. Do not use “X” to mark your choice.

·        As you feed your completed paper ballot through the OptiScan make sure the vote count increases by ONE only.

·        Do not leave the Polling Place until you are satisfied that your vote was recorded correctly.

·        If you see things that don’t seem right, talk to the Supervisor but do not get angry, belligerent or cause the process to be held up.

·        Do not wear any clothing that could indicate your political leaning.

 Be patient

Tactics used by Democrats or our Secretary of State to cause confusion:

  •  Poll workers might hold up the process by being picky or extremely slow, can’t seem to find people in the Precinct Roster
  • not all voting machines are set up because there is not enough space
  • the system for poll workers to verify questionable voter registration is not working properly – software glitch, forgot to test a specific software application, etc.
  •  the Democratic party will have “legal challengers” in some polling places to challenge any voter that is asked to vote by Provisional Ballot. The claim is that nobody should be asked to vote by Provisional Ballot without checking the online database (palm pilot) and Provisional Ballots are never counted. Election rules state that before  a Provisional Ballot is provided, the palm pilot will have been checked. I suspect this is another tactic to cause confusion and/or disruption.


·        When people are confused and/or disrupted, mistakes are made.


If you are concerned about an issue or incident, make sure you let the Supervisor know. If you feel the Supervisor is not addressing the issue, you might call the Board of Election or call any of the campaign offices.

Please note that International or UN Observers are permitted but do not take the place of a legitimate Poll Challenger/Watcher supplied by either party.

It has been reported that voters have noted that their choices were not recorded properly  due to the fact that machines were not calibrated correctly. St.Louis County has been calibrating all voting machines every morning before Absentee voting starts for the day. This is done in most counties in Missouri. The voting machines used on election day are calibrated before voting starts on November 6, 2012.

And one more thing. We have been encouraging people to volunteer to become Poll Workers. Well, many of you did. St.Louis County has enough Republican Poll Workers to staff all polls properly. And I believe the city has enough poll workers as well. Thank you all for stepping up to the plate.


I just heard that in Ohio in some counties they don’t have enough Republican Poll Workers. Maybe they need MOPP.

And one more thing -