Democrats Have 10-Year-Olds Doing GOTV

What do you expect? Grown-ups know better than to wreck their lives even further with four more years of blame, malaise, and failure.

The Oval Office isn’t the only one up for refilling on November 6—less than a week from today.

There’s a Senate seat in Missouri. And a governor. Attorney General. Secretary of State, Treasurer, Lieutenant Governor.  US House seats. Many more.

There are ballot initiatives.

And there is a new, gigantic generation of young voters just waiting to be asked to vote.

Make getting out the vote YOUR MISSION for this week.

Come to the Liberty HQ at 9966 Lin Ferry Dr., St. Louis, MO 63123 any day from noon 7 pm.  Give just one hour on the phones or knocking on doors of likely conservative voters.  Make sure they’re planning to vote. Deliver a yard sign. Cheer them on, and thank them for doing their duty by voting for America’s future.

We’re waiting for you.