On Our Flight to Victory, We Picked Up a Tail Wind‏

The hardest work, longest hours, and scariest moments lie ahead. But take a moment today to appreciate the wind and the win we picked up yesterday.


Sure, 2010 was the Tea Party year, the year of the conservative grassroots resurgence. Yes, that was a year of record high conservative voter enthusiasm. And we’ve all seen this year’s polls.

Thanks to your hard work and your faith, though, our HQ grand opening this year attracted more people than 2010. And they stayed longer. We had to push them out the door.

That’s all on you (in a good way). Many people left with walk lists. Those who didn’t vowed to come back with friends to call or walk.

We ran out of Akin bumper stickers, and bumper stickers are the first step in the path toward commitment and consistency that leads through yard signs to door knocking to GOTV activism.

And these weren’t just the same familiar faces. For example, there was a retired math teacher from Kirkwood who was “tired of sitting at home yelling at the TV.” She heard about our office, grabbed her husband, and drove down to “do something to make a difference.”

If you missed the event, come down any day, noon to 8 pm, Monday – Saturday. We’ll set you up with a custom walk list or to make calls from our HQ or from your home.

Four years after the Tea Party movement shook up politics in America, we’re still turning minds and steeling hearts.

The flight will be treacherous, but, thanks to you, we have a tail wind.

On to victory.


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