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A couple of major floor votes are expected in the House this week, including work requirements in welfare & an energy bill dealing with coal.  You can get more information on House & Senate activities from the Cloakroom:

The Farm Bill continues to linger despite the fact that no major efforts have been made to reform Food Stamps or Agricultural Subsidies.  Many Republicans feel pressure to pass a bill from DC lobbyists, and it’s important for them to know that they have your support in fighting irresponsible spending.

For some material from Heritage Action on the Farm Bill go here:

Here is an account of a Pro-Farm Bill Rally that flopped:

Also, if you are so inclined, Club for Growth is fighting a discharge position designed to force a floor vote:

A Farm Bill extension & the welfare work requirement will likely come up Wednesday.  The coal bill will likely come up Thursday.  Call your member of Congress ASAP.  After this week, Congress will be in recess until after the election, but we are working to keep Congress from acting in a lame duck session before the new Congress sits.

Last week, the US House voted on a continuing resolution to keep the government funded through 2013.  For some more info on that vote from Heritage go here:

From the article:

Although the stopgap spending bill will usefully avoid a lame-duck spending debacle—which would likely produce an even worse result—it is in fact just another omnibus, spend-as-you-go measure that extends the federal government’s incoherent fiscal policy.

Medicare has increasingly become a major topic of discussion in the lead-up to the election.

Here is a blog post on the issue:

The blog post links to another article on Medicare Myths Debunked:

As always, let me know what sort of ACTION you have taken to stop reckless government spending & influence Congress.  Your calls to Congress make a difference a difference, as noted in this blog post:

And if you would like me to hand out Heritage Action Materials, speak, or simply meet people at your next meeting, please let me know when & where.


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