I don’t know if it is a record, but it sure feels like one!!  59 NEW  people have filed for township chairmen/women positions in St. Charles County and 21 incumbents for a total of 80 people.  Only 4 Townships will have no competition.

This is really great, because the Central Committee of St.Charles County will have a real chance to reflect the wishes of it’s constituents.  For the first time, many townships will actually show up on the ballot, alerting many voters that these positions actually exist!

I give a big bravo to all of these Candidates.

Attached is a chart showing who is running in which Townships.  Be very careful in looking at this chart.  Redistricting has not only completely changed bounderies, but numbering and name changes to the Townships are prevalent.  Look on your April voter card to see your new Townships

Anita Foelsch, St.Charles MOPP.


Township Information     


Township Information
Candidates Filed for Central Committee ** Incumbents
#1 Rivers Bryce K. Steinhoff   Bonnie C. Silveus  
  Robert Michael Dooley ** Frances A. Hogue Incumbent in old #2
  William C. Hardin IV   Barb Hall  
#2 Lindenwood David Matthew Gosh   Heidi Marie Wetter  
  ** Joh Bennett Incumbent in old #4 Ann Merrell Farnsworth  
  James J. Wetter, Jr  
  Elmer D. Harris      
#3 Frontier Raymond E. Stone   ** Penny L. Henke Incumbent in old #6
  ** Frederick Henke Incumbent in old #6  
  Kyle W. Albert  
  Thomas H. Payne, Jr  
  Michael Anthonyh Bonadio      
#4 Zumbehl (now called Muegge) Burton James Biermann   Dale  M Peterson  
  ** Michael Sommer Imcumbent Treasure
** Christine E. Sommer Incumbent in old #4
  William Roland Pundmann Carolyn H. Scism  
  Johnny Brad Smith Incumbent in old #8  
  Ralph Samuel Peterson  
  Kenneth G. Marcher      
#5 St. Peters ** Kurt Bahr Incumbent in old #7 ** Jennifer E. Bahr Incumbent in old #7
  Michael Gianino Eva Marie Guest  
  Jeffery Allen Schwentker Doris Jean Gossett  
  Bobby Lynn Gossett  
  Davud Waybe Guest      
#6 Harvester ** Joseph Michael Smith Incumbent in old #10 ** Cheryl C. Bates Incumbent in old #10
  Timothy P. Finch, Jr.  
  Tyler G. Reagan  
  Mark B. Hood      
#7 Weldon Spring (Now O’Fallon) David Werner Evans   ** Cynthia M. Evans Incumbent in old #14
      Rose Mack  
#8 Spencer Creek ** Eugene E. Dokes Incumbent Pres. ** Brandy Pedersen Incumbent in old #5
  Martin H. Hares Ann M. Rohan  
  Scott B. Pinkham Cynthia Ann Carpenter  
  Christopher T. Brooks  
  David John Hoffman      
#9 Dardenne Jim Pepper      
  Jason L. Hinchcliff      
#10 Cottleville Terrill C. Herring   ** Joan Gettemeyer Incumbent in old #9
  Kyle Schlereth ** Anita M. Herring Incumbent in old #11
  Michael Loren Williams Catherine E. Dreher  
  John Philip Strick      
#11 O’Fallon (Now St. Paul) ** Joseph M. Cronin Incumbent in old #12 Elaine Marie Cronin  
  Arnie C. Dienoff Viictoria Ann Schmeider  
  William L. Gardner Rebecca S. Prior  
  Marvin Joseph Stehr      
#12 Wentzville Jeremy C. Pritchett   ** Loeah Elaine Hite Incumbent #12
  Justin Matthew Brewer Theresa A. Landfair  
  Martin D. Witbeck      
#13 Lake St. Louis ** Francis T. Eggering Incumbent #13 ** Saundra Kay Garber Incumbent #13
  Renaldo V. Lares      
#14  Boone ** Joseph Brazil Incumbent #14 Nancy J. Gruendl  
  John Joseph Hakman, Jr. Allison Joy Miller  
  Tristan S. Pinkham