Consent of the Governed Rally-Jefferson City MO


St. Louis Tea Party attend the Consent of the Governed Rally in jefferson City yesterday. The rally was put together by several groups and individual voluteers from around the state.  It was a great event with excellent turn out.

The speaker line-up was fantastic. They all focused on various aspects of the Missouri Constitution and what it should mean to us AND our representatives in the legislature. Each speaker had a defined area they spoke to:

  • David Linton: Rule of Law, Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.
  • Ed Emery: The social compact between governement and the People.
  • Dave Roland: Economic freedom and the role of government.
  • Ed Martin: State sovereignty as set forth in botht he U.S. and Missouri Constitutions.

Once the lecture was done several people, including STLTPC, took the opportunity visit various Senators and Representatives. While we didnt push a big legislative agenda on the first day of session, we did take a few minutes with each official and let them know we would be back in a big way this year.

St. Louis Tea Party Coalition was very excited to attend the Consent of the Gorverned Rally. Its thrilling to be back at it, doing the hard work of fighting for our right to low taxes, smaller government and fiscal responsibility at all levels.

Thanks to all the hard work of the various groups and individuals who put this very successful opening day rally together!


  1. Gemey McNabb says:

    I wish I could have attended.  Did anyone get video of  the speakers??