Put the Missouri Caucus and Conventions on your Schedule!


There are three important dates to remember with respect to Missouri’s upcoming caucus and conventions:

  • County and township caucuses will be held March 17th across the Show Me State. The specific times and locations are not finalized yet.
  • Congressional District Conventions will be held April 21st. Each of Missouri’s eight districts will have a convention. The delegates elected at the March 17th caucus will go to this convention.
  • The Missouri Republican Convention will be held June 1st and 2nd in Springfield, MO. Again, delegates from the March 17th caucus will attend this convention and vote for the delegates to the National GOP Convention.

There are still some details that have to be finalized–locations for the caucuses, for instance. If you’re planning to attend the caucus and/or be a delegate to the district and state conventions, make sure these dates are on your schedule.

If you want to participate in the caucus and convention process, please consider attending your local political committee meetings to find out where your county (or township) caucus will be and at what time.

The St. Louis County Republican Central Committee meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm in the St. Louis County Council Chambers at 41 South Central Avenue in Clayton.

The St Louis County Democratic Central Committee meets on Jan. 15 at 7:30 p.m. 

Find your county Republican Party, Democratic Party, Constitution Party, Libertarian Party meeting information.


  1. Ed Harlow says:

    Anyone know where the St. Louis City Republican Central Committee meeting is and when?  Not too many of us conservatives in the city.

    1. Travis_reems says:

      Buder Library at 7 PM on January 4.

  2. Kerwin621 says:

    Franklin County Central Committee meeting is at the Governmental Building located on Church Street ~ 2nd Floor