How to Confuse a Democrat in 12 Seconds

Just ask about Fast and Furious.

Operation Fast and Furious was a political stunt. Eric Holder’s Justice Department gave weapons to Mexican drug criminals in the hopes of winning public support for draconian gun control in the United States.  (Don’t ask me . . . these are leftists we’re talking about.)

Over 300 people died in a surge of violence fueled by the United States government.



  1. Daniel says:

    But my question has always been, is this the department heads or is it the white house. As Obama and Hillary have both spoken to anti gun groups as if they have first hand knowledge of gun dealers selling guns to the mexicans, but no arrests.
    Is this Watergate on steroids???
    It is sugar coated as draconian gun control, it is both Treason and and illegal act of war against Mexico, and this is in order to undermine the Constitution.  Mexico has demanded extradition of the federal officials involved.
    New Question: Why is the left wing media so slow to pick it up? It has been national news for a year and the STLToday has not done a single story on it.

  2. BookMDanno says:

    Yes, the lame-stream media has a blackout on this…a horrendous example of our gov’t gone amuck. I’m incensed that suddenly, no one in gov’t is accountable, no one approved it, no one knew about it, no one is taking real responsibility…. ?!!! Why is Issa not starting impeachment against Holder?