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  1. Brenda says:

    I disagree that the “Unknowing Believers” thought we all “looked like a bunch of nuts” at the tea party rallies. I think they caused people to become more aware and helped the “Unknowing Believers” realize that they agree with our sentiments and assisted them in becoming part of our movement. Otherwise, the size of our rallies would not have increased. They also helped people realize that they are not alone. I’ve had people thank me for being involved. In addition, the size of our rallies have caused Congress to take notice. If we’re not effective, why are we being demonized by the Left and even disliked by some Republicans?  (John Boehner)  I don’t have any problem with the “Liberty Evangelism,” but I still think we need to have annual rallies on April 15th. I think the size of the rallies will help keep the politicians “worried” about us. Case in Point – Orrin Hatch is trying to convince everyone he is a tea partier because he’s up for re-election. We get publicity when we have rallies which is helpful for disproving the lies that the Left and the MSM are spewing. Also, if we aren’t rallying, we will be portrayed as being a dead movement. I gather that you don’t like the Tea Party Express due to their “Entertainment” focus. However, they are keeping people involved, and causing people to “smile” while attending their event. With regard to finding 5 friends to network with, are you talking about finding five people that come to The After Party to network with, or uninvolved people? Personally,  I don’t think people that aren’t involved as of now, are willing to come to the monthly event, or to a network event. I am politically active and interested in politics, but I still haven’t made it to my monthly Tesson Ferry Township meeting.

    1. Brenda,

      “All” is probably a bit hyperbolic on my part. Still, I meet lots of people (literally thousands) who know of my involvement with the Tea Party movement. These folks talk about how they agree with our principles of smaller government, etc., but that they would never come to a rally.

      One example:  Over 1,000 people came to the Whole Foods BUYcott on 9/1/2009. Many, if not most, had NEVER been to a Tea Party. And they never came to one after.  

      They responded to the POSITIVE message of a BUYcott. They enjoyed the low-risk  tactic of simply shopping.  

      These were Unknowing Believers until we announced that event. Then their eyes were opened. They understood, and they responded.

      The colonial thing just doesn’t turn on most people, unless it’s July 4th or some similar special occasion.  And negativity eventually reflects more on those espousing the negative message than on things or people they’re criticizing.  In fact, when someone speaks ill of another person, listeners tend attribute the negative qualities to the speaker, not the person the speaker’s talking about.  So if I say “Johnson is a tightwad,” your brain associates “tightwad” with Hennessy, not Johnson.  

      If we’re to get the Unknowing Believers on our side, we need to stop doing things that turn them off, and do more that turn them on. That doesn’t not require a policy shift–it requires a tactical shift.


      1. Guest says:

        I loved the rallies…they always made me cry.
        But the message was washing out as other anti-tea groups became copycats….distasteful ones at that!
        Consider the”spring” rallies, union rallies, day of rage/wallstreet.
        Pathetic, and certainly not our style!
        You cannot replace good with bad.
        It fails miserably.
        Our message is precise, constitutional, peaceful, clean and fun! 
        Even Hitler would agree :)
        After these copycats are finished, people will wish we never stopped.

        Well, we haven’t.

  2. Djmcs says:

    “The rally phase of the Tea Party movement is over.  In fact, it is
    beyond over.  Attempts to keep the rally phase going past its natural
    life are both futile and embarrassing.” 

    After cancelling your rally for fear of a poor turnout it’s good to see this published admission of the death of your “movement”.  However, everyone knows that it is the motives, tactics, and actions of the founders and supporters of your particular branch of the Tea Party that has killed it.

    1. To which exact tactics and motives do you refer?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Bill, Djmcs is one of the non-believers to which you refer, and a brain-dead automaton union hack to boot ; ignore him!  I look forward to the event tomorrow but didn’t see the link to RSVP that you were talking about.  Your thoughts are right on, time for the next phase and connecting with people!  I also have a reading recommendation, this speech by Ezra Taft Benson on the proper role of government in our lives.
        Regards; and for our movement-fair winds and following seas!

    2. Amiablejak says:

      We are only getting started.

    3. stubbs says:

      Keep living in your little dream world so as not to disturb those of us who are trying to save your freedoms, along with ours.

    4. Guest says:

      You ought to be afraid, comrade. It only means we have gotten smarter.

  3. bob says:

     Wow talk about hiding from the truth, the Tea party is about gone expect for a few idiots who will not give up. The reason you have no rallies is the fact that the low turn proves that the tea party is over and you do not want the truth to get out!!

  4. Guest says:

    Also, the blog post you put up the other day, B.H., on not letting “them” cover up the tea party message, was reposted by yours truly on the TPP forum (.ning not .org).
    It has had 321 replies so far!
    Good Job!