Part 5: The Most Powerful Sentence in the World

With just one sentence, you can change the dynamic of those conversations with friends.

Just one sentence lets them know that, in you, they have a brother or sister in arms.

Just one sentence turns your acquaintance into your trusted friend.

That one sentence is: “You are not alone.”

That first Tea Party event in February 2009 was a giant shout of “you are not alone!” It reached the ears of the Knowing Believers, many of whom were just awakening from a long slumber.

By April 2009, millions of Knowing Believers woke up and answered the call–”rode to the sound of the guns,” as Mike Flynn of Big Government might say.

By the massive, nationwide events of September 12, the Knowing Believers were awake and vibrant and ready to roll.

And that’s we’re we’ve been stuck ever since.

Let’s advance. Let’s continue the advance we started in Feburary 2009.


  1. We have come along way! We have made our voices heard! It would be a shame to stop here. Looking forward to the 9/15 event. Ready to get more involved. Come stand with me!

    1. Thanks, Frank.

      You’re right. We have come a long way. Not only that, but we have also manage to keep the coalition together. Sometimes rapid growth tears new movements apart.

  2. Anonymous says:

     How many Senate seats are up in 2012?  How many House seats?  Can’t we find our own to run for these seats?  Can’t we encourage them?  This is the next great task before us.

    1. Senate: 31 seats are up in 2012. Of those, 21 are held by Democrats and 10 by Republicans.

      House: All 435 seats are up every election.