Know Your Opposition: Mimi Signor

Thanks to Cindy for this oppo research on a hard left-winger who is an actor at every healthcare town hall.


  • We need to better know our adversaries.  Case in point:  Mimi Signor, R.N.  Ms. Signor was interviewed at the pro-Obama Care protest at McCaskill’s office last week.  She is NOT some random nurse concerned about so-called "health care reform".
  • Mimi Signor is a radical Leftist involved with both the Missouri Nurses Association (MoNA), a nurses union, as well as HEALTHCARE-NOW!  You will see she is listed as one of 5 local contacts in Missouri for HEALTHCARE-NOW!  Scroll down to Missouri at and you will see their names listed.
  • HEALTHCARE-NOW! has been advocating for a National Single-Payer Healthcare System for years, long before Obama.  You may have noticed their signs when we counter protested. Many of us thought "Healthcare Now!" was just a slogan on their protest signs.  It’s actually much more than that.  Their motto is "Organizing for a National Single-Payer Healthcare System…HR 676: One Plan, One Nation".
  • In fact, the precursor to HR 3200 (Obama Care) was HR 676 (The United States National Health Insurance Act), introduced by Congressman John Conyers to the 109th Congress.  HR 676 was to "provide a univeral, comprehensive, single-payer system of high quality national health insurance."  See
  • As you can see, Mimi Signor has been busy for years trying to build up grass roots support along with her fellow activists. Scroll down to "FROM St. Louis:  Some Tips on Passing City Resolutions" at to read Mimi Signor’s strategy…..Basically, they start at the city council level, gain support there, and then use that as leverage on a national level.  Note all the union involvement in this endeavor.
  • You may also want to read Mimi Signor’s writings at "District Three Profile", newsletter of MoNA.  Ms. Signor is the "Health Care Community Liaison Chair" for MoNA’s Third District.  Read her articles on pp. 3, 4, 7, 9, and 10 of their Fall 2005 newsletter.  Go to Just to give you a taste of her ideology, she promotes on page 3, a radical group opposed to the Iraq War.
  • In the Fall 2007 issue on page 3, Mimi Signor wrote an article entitled, "From ‘SiCKO’ to Single Payer.  See  Imagine her being on the same page with Michael Moore!
  • I’m sure I have just scratched the surface when it comes to Mimi Signor, MoNA, and HEALTHCARE-NOW!  Google her name and either of these radical organizations to learn more about what we face……