St. Charles County Protests–Join Janet!

A Patriotic hero — 67 years old — has stepped forward.  Please, if you live in St. Charles County, join her crusade.  She will stand alone, but I know our patriots will not let her.  We will have her back.  We will build an army around her.


Thank you so much for your prompt response.  OK – I want to get the word out that starting THIS SATURDAY (July 25) and EVERY SATURDAY from 1pm until 2pm we will be marching in protests with signs, and encourage everyone to take one hour to stand up for their convictions and get the attention of the public. Just like we did at the Tea Party, they should bring their families, kids in strollers, picket signs & water.  Each Saturday we can move to a different location in St. Charles County, always a heavily traveled intersection for high visibility.  If we can get enough people to turn out, we could divide up in groups and protest in more than one area.  However, I believe we must have a respectable number in each group for greater impact.
This coming Saturday, July 25, we will protest at Hwy N and K in O’Fallon.  There is a fairly long stretch of sidewalk on on the east side of Hwy K where we could march and not obstruct the flow of traffic at the intersection.  My understanding is that we do not need a permit and it is ok to protest as long as we do not obstruct traffic.  Is that correct?  PARKING:  There is a Schuncks parking lot on the west side of K, a Walgreen and Steak and Shake and strip mall parking on the north side of N, as well as a big strip mall parking lot on the east side of K by Club Fitness.
If anyone wants to talk with me regarding suggestions for other locations to protest or anything else, I’ll be wearing a big white hat with Stars and Stripes ribbon and an American flag on top.  I will have a clipboard to take down information.  I will post the upcoming events and each Saturday after our protest post a brief write-up about the event, how many attended, and any other pertinent data.
Instead of “Everyday Protests”, how about “Ongoing Local Protests”.  People can suggest locations and we’ll go to a different place each week.
Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to help with this effort.  In my 67 years I have never seen anything like what is happening now.  We must stop this Obonomination before he destroys our country.
Folks, this IS tea party leadership.  It’s not me and Dana and Ed and Gina and Jim and Kevin and Shamed.  We’re just voices.  You are the leaders. Janet is a hero.
Please join Janet on Saturday.  Then come to Alton for the Illinois Tea Party and give me a huge standing ovation ;-)
Thank you.