Scams and Lies

Two stories certain to make you mad.

First, Barack Obama promised that the stimulus bill would work “immediately” to create 4 million new jobs.  Now, the President is running a spin campaign (aka, “lying”) to convince us that the stimulus was never about the now, but about the distant future.  The GOP quickly produced this video to set the record straight.

The good news is that the Stimulus, plus TARP, plus Obama’s $4 trillion budget has exploded the debt into unsustainable territory threatening to destroy the US financial system.

obama deficit

Second, from Politico we learn that Democrat House leaders dumped tons of cash on party moderates to help the moderates vote for Cap and Tax.

Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) doled out $28,000 to reps who eventually voted yes on June 24, two days before the big vote — on a day when House leaders were doing some heavy-duty arm-twisting.

House Energy and Commerce Henry Waxman gave at least $16,000 to yes-voters on June, 25, FEC records show.

If Cap and Trade were such a good idea, would Pelosi and her henchmen need to bribe people to vote for it?