Government Spending Out of Control

Here’s the top headlines from Drudge today:


Is anyone surprised?  Nearly a trillion dollars of your children’s potential down the toilet on canned ham and dumbwaiters. 

Government has always and will always suck at everything it tries to do.  That’s why the states wisely limited the government a very short, specific list of tasks.  Unfortunately, corrupt and greedy politicians from Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt to Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Barack Obama, have stolen power away from the people and the states through a series of invented “crises” which, according to these folks, only the government can solve.

Don’t let this happen to health care.  Barack Obama is about to go nuclear on pushing socialized medicine on Americans.  He is lying like a rug to get it through Congress.  He has ordered the suppression of White House Budget Office reports until AFTER the August recess in order to FOOL YOU into letting socialized medicine pass.

Step One:  If you have time on weekdays, consider spending 1 hour a week in front of either Claire McCaskill’s or Russ Carnahan’s office picketing against socialized medicine and/or cap and tax.

Step Two:  Send an email to 5 of your friends and relatives telling them you oppose both the House and Senate bills and why. 

Step Three:  Arm yourself with the facts.,, and are just three excellent sources of the truth.,, and many other sites provide honest truths you won’t hear on Barack Obama’s state-run media.

Step Four:  Stay vigilant.  The socialists among us will not relent in their schemes to take complete control over your money and your life.  Don’t let them.  Assume everything government does is done with malicious intent.   Make them prove they are behaving with just authority. 

Finally:  More news from 1930.  This is from a Wall Street Journal editorial of July 18, 1930:

Editorial: Constantly increasing taxation is a burden on "every form of enterprise". It diverts money from productive uses to government functions which "though mostly indispensable, do not always require the scale of expenditure to which our public servants have become accustomed." Total taxation (including local) has risen from under $3B in 1913 to about $9B now; recently rising about $500M/year. This aggravates the current depression.