August 22, 2009: A Date That Will Live In Liberal Infamy


On August 22 at noon local time in cities across the country, the Tea Party movement will hold a simultaneous, mass demonstration in front of hundreds of local Congressional offices. 

The St. Louis Tea Party will target Claire McCaskill and Russ Carnahan.  We will target McCaskill’s St. Louis office on Delmar and both Carnahan offices:  8765 Manchester Rd. in Brentwood and 517 Bailey Rd. in Crystal City. 

This is THE event of 2009, patriots.  February 27, Tax Day, July 4 . . . think of those as recruiting drives.  They were rallies.  They did not move the needle.

August 22 moves the needle and moves mountains.  IF YOU COMMIT to this event, you will change history.  IF YOU STAY HOME, you will lose your country.

This is THE demonstration against un-Constitutional government, elitist Congress, unread legislation passed in the dead of night by vacuous Congressman.  This is where the statists takeover of America ends.

March on August 22!

Commit to taking back your country!

The government screwed up TARP, screwed up stimulus, and bankrupted Cash for Clunkers in less than a week.  This administration and its myrmidons in Congress are  wicked idiots who will kill innocent people if healthcare passes.  They will destroy American industry if Cap and Trade passes.  WE ARE THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE!!!!

Commit to bringing at least 2 people with you to Delmar, Manchester, or Bailey Rd. 

Overflow events will include Lacy Clay’s offices and Todd Akin’s offices. (Todd Akin, btw, will be on our side BIG TIME on this one.)  If going to Akin’s, please THANK TODD for his unwavering fiscal conservatism. 

Carnahan and McCaskill will vote NO on Healthcare; McCaskill will vote NO on Cap and Trade.  Or Carnahan and McCaskill will vote NO on their next term in office. 

Carnahan and McCaskill have a choice between hearing and following the people or RETIRING FROM PUBLIC LIFE. 


Get your walking shoes on and your signs ready.


You must bring at least 2 people to this event. 


We will never surrender our Republic!