• Difference Maker Jennae Neustadt

    Jennae Neustadt gives new meaning to the phrase quiet professional. She works hard, she works smart, and she shuns the limelight. As a result she has earned the trust of some of Missouri’s most powerful people and grassroots activists alike. This Mizzou trained attorney who comes from a family farming background in St. Charles County began […]

  • Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri must work to fix a broken system

    The stunning results of the election show that voters are demanding change. People across the country feel like Washington has rigged the system against them — and they are right. On issues ranging from health care to the tax code, government policies are harming working Americans while enriching special interests. Missouri voters chose to send […]

  • Study: Kellogg’s Products Deadlier Than Cigarettes?

    Reading Time: 2 minutesKellogg sells mostly simple carbohydrates in the form of breakfast cereal and snacks. Their ad agencies make you think their foods are wholesome and safe. They’re not. They’re mostly simple carbohydrates (grains and sugar) that produce a glycemic shock when eaten. And foods that produce glycemic shock seem to be deadlier than cigarettes. At least […]

  • Trump Transformed the Presidency Already

    Reading Time: 2 minutesTonight, Donald Trump delivered what will become the new standard of presidential oratory in Cincinnati, OH. President-elect Trump thanked Ohio voters for a landslide victory in the state with a barnburner of a speech that rivaled his most animated and colorful rally speeches during the 2015-2016 campaign. The art of the speech will never be […]

  • Civil War: Chapter Eleven

    Reading Time: 4 minutesRoger Thompson had completed his checklist. He’d learned from Jack Murphy, his friend and attorney, that the police sergeant seemed cooperative. With his tasks out of the way, he knew it was time to deal with his wife, Natalie. Natalie and Roger didn’t see eye to eye politically. Natalie described herself as a progressive. Even […]

  • Donald Trump: America’s Work-craft Carrier

    Reading Time: 1 minutesDonald Trump ran on a promise to bring American jobs back to America. And to make America great again. Even though his presidency is still two months away, he’s already delivering. Ford is staying. Apple is looking to move iPhone assembly to the USA. And, last night, Carrier announced it will keep 1,000 job in […]

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

  • Civil War: Chapters Nine and Ten

    Reading Time: 8 minutesChapter Nine “Elizabeth, I’m going to be out of the building the rest of the day. You have my cell. Vice-principal Johnson is in his office.” Elizabeth had a mouthful of Goldfish and could only grunt. But she wrote a note herself and nodded furiously at her boss. Nancy Flanders left the building. Forty-two minutes […]

  • Bastardizing Trump

    Reading Time: 2 minutesJill Stein has raised nearly $7 million in an effort to overturn election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. She has no chance of winning any of those states, and Hillary Clinton has joined Team Stein. So what’s the point? Apparently, Stein and Clinton want the recounts to miss their December 19 deadline. December 19 […]

  • Austin Chambers

    Political savant Austin Chambers is a young man you should keep your eye on. Mr. Chambers is the 21 year old campaign manager who now serves as senior adviser to Governor-elect Eric Greitens. He guided the political newcomer to victory in the primary and general elections. Chambers is now said to be steering the transition process. […]

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