Paying for Abortion Whether You Like It or Not


The claim seems to come and go, but this week, there is more hard evidence that Obamacare does indeed force individuals to fund subsidies for healthcare plans that cover abortion.

No, it’s not a lot of your personal money, but that’s not the point. Individuals who believe life begins at conception and oppose abortion should not be forced to fund it in any way whatsoever.

This is especially relevant since President Obama said on record, “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.”

Just because there isn’t a section marked “abortion” on our paychecks or healthcare plans doesn’t mean that’s not the case. The connection is rather clear in a newly released GAO report.

The report finds that abortion is not being itemized as a separate surcharge on most insurance plans. In fact, 1,036 plans do cover elective abortion and remain able to receive taxpayer subsidies — and it’s happening in all 50 states.

It wouldn’t be that hard for the Administration to ensure that abortion funding wasn’t included in plans for individuals that don’t want to pay for it – but it’s clearly not a priority. There is even a “No Taxpyaer Funding of Abortion Act” passed by the House earlier this year. But, I guess that’s being ignored.

There’s absolutely no reason not to have full transparentcy when it comes to abortion funiding in Obamacare – or any other government action. The fact that the Presdient lied to the American people and the Administration conitnues to keep up the ruse is unacceptable.

John Diehl Doesn’t Want You to Know There’s a Big Press Conference Tuesday


Original Post: John Diehl Doesn’t Want You to Know There’s a Big Press Conference Tuesday.

My phone and inbox lit up all morning. Missouri Republicans are FREAKING OUT that Speaker Apparent John Diehl could go down to defeat at the hands of conservative/libertarian grassroots activists. The freak-out is over a press conference in Queeny Park at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 30. [map] I heard of the Stop Diehl project last…

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Once More Unto the Breach

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead. In peace there's nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility: But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger; Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage; Then lend the eye a terrible aspect; Let pry through the portage of the head Like the brass cannon; let the brow o'erwhelm it As fearfully as doth a galled rock O'erhang and jutty his confounded base, Swill'd with...

Dave Brat For Congress


Let’s be clear, we are late to the fight on this one. But with November looming and the importance of getting as many good conservatives elected as possible, we are proud to endorse Dave Brat for Congress in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

Back in June, against all odds, Brat defeated then Majority Leader Eric Cantor in an upset that stunned the nation. The statistics were amazing. Eric Cantor’s campaign spent nearly $200,000 at steakhouses, Dave Brat spent $200,000 on his entire campaign and yet even being outspent 40-1, Dave Brat won by 11%. It was the ultimate grassroots victory.

Running on a platform of comprehensive conservatism, Brat supports what he calls the Republican Creed. And while leading with fiscal issues, Dave is also strong on the issues of life and marriage. As Chair of the Economics and Business Department at Randolph-Macon College, Dave holds a Masters in Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary as well as a Ph.D. in Economics from American University.

Outspoken about his conservatism and desire to change the way things are done in Washington, Dave is the antithesis of the GOP Establishment and as such presents a real threat to them. Unlike many Members of Congress, Dave won’t just be a vote. He will be a voice for our values.

While we may not have helped him win in June, we are excited to get him across the finish line in November and put him in a strong position for re-election in 2016. This is a beachhead won and we must do all that we can to help hold it.

Chelsea Clinton And Elephants: Subconsious Conservative?


Chelsea Clinton and I may have more in common than I would have ever imagined. This week she announced to the world,she fears her baby would grow up in a world without elephants. So do I.


In this highly charged, pre midterm election, political climate, I wonder if Ms. Clinton’s statements weren’t more of a Freudian Slip rather than an effort to champion the plight of ivory producing pachyderms. The spontaneous shift from progressive individual to maternal nurturer/protector, that happens when we become mothers, in an interesting one. I see her comments more as a commentary on the progressive culture in which she was rasied. After all, how could a lack of ivory be a moral, ecological disaster, and a security threat, even in the most resourceful and twisted spin of the progressive agenda?

“Chelsea Clinton said the African elephant crisis is not only a ‘moral’ and ‘ecological disaster,’ but also a ‘security threat,’ as ivory is increasingly being used by the world’s most nefarious terror groups, such as the Lord’s Resistance Army and Boko Haram. She pleaded that “it’s in all of our interests” to stop the growing practice.” ~ABC News

Let’s examine the symbolism of the elephant and what it means to the political culture. Being no GOP cheerleader, myself, as I too am disheartened in the present progressive Republican agenda, I can remember a day when Republican meant conservative, family strong, self governing and self reliant. This translated to most of us, into a culture of security and strength in which we were comfortable in planning futures and families. I miss those days.

It is unlikely, the symbolic image of the GOP pachyderm was absent from the Democratic Party (donkey) home in which Chelsea was raised. In fact, I don’t think it’s a stretch to surmise there is a huge chasm of indoctrination, between the family values philosophy of the GOP and the nanny state government philosophy of the Democrat Party, in the Clinton home. But, I doubt the threat to the family structure it poses was clearly defined there. However, as one approaches motherhood, certain instincts just may overcome the erroneous indoctrination of the liberal/progressive agenda. In this case, I believe it oozes out, all over the place, in her comments. I believe her subconscious is screaming a desire to return to a moral and safe way of life espoused by traditional, Republican, family values, symbolized by the great and lumbering African elephants. Certainly the destruction of the pachyderm, and its symbolism brings instability to the family foundational, Constitutional, American culture, and “its in all of our interests to stop this growing practice.”

In 2012, the left wing publication, The Huffington Post, reinforces the validity of the Freudian Slip. They quote New York psychoanalyst and Long Island University professor, Dr. Geoff Goodman as saying, using the wrong word or name “reveals a secret desire forbidden by society or one’s self.” He explains that before the mind goes into censor mode, “the unconscious, hidden thoughts can spill out.”

He goes on to say,

“Though calling someone the wrong name feels like an error, Dr. Goodman says all psychoanalysts agree, “that there are no accidents.” Though the word wasn’t supposed to get air time, it was no random coincidence.

In the most basic sense, the Freudian view of the mind is that the mind is in conflict with itself — so there are different parts warring against each other.” When a person botches a word, the unconscious wishes have . . . . Read the rest of the post at

Rick Stream Probably Didn’t Know I Knew His Old Career Counselor


Original Post: Rick Stream Probably Didn’t Know I Knew His Old Career Counselor.

When people asked me to get behind Rick Stream, I first wanted to make sure that was the right thing. I remembered that I have a friend who helped Rick a while ago. So I asked her. Rick Stream is “a quiet leader.” “I didn’t see him as a politician,” she told me. We were talking…

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Lois Lerner’s Sad Attempt to Renew Her Image


After 16 months of silence, shamed IRS official Lois Lerner finally spoke out. Unfortunately, it was in a puff piece published in Politico, with strong quotes from Lerner assuring folks that “I didn’t do anything wrong” and that she’s doing just fine.

That’s great for her but what about the people affected by her biased, illegal actions? The Politico piece gives no indication that Lerner has any sympathy for the grief her department caused. In fact, she says “I am not sorry for anything I did.”

She plays the victim and denies any knowledge of how emails sent at the time Tea Party groups were allegedly targeted disappeared. It’s interesting she chose to speak out now — apparently to a very friendly reporter — after she pleaded the Fifth last year before the House Oversight Committee. In fact, the entire House voted to hold her in contempt of Court then.

In light of that, it’s ironic we’re hearing from Lerner first in a Politico puff piece. Why? Because U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Ronald C. Machen, Jr. is supposed to be getting Lerner in front of a federal grand jury for an interview. It’s actually mandatory for him to do so but it’s been 4 months since he received the citation and nothing has moved forward. Lerner could be put in prison for up to 12 months for her contempt, but it seems she’s not a priority for the Administration.

Why is she drawing attention to herself now? Image restoration. She doesn’t want to be the “bad guy” forever so it’s time to restore her reputation and this was the first step. Unfortunately for her, it may be an impossible feat. It’s unclear whether anyone buys her innocent routine but she may not care if she gets off scot-free.

She left the Department last year but is still receiving a $100k annual pension so apparently, she really is doing just fine.

Thank you, taxpayers, for that.

The Postal Service Flexes Its Muscle



“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

cliff claven

Remember this? Try not to laugh too hard as you read it. I was motivated to look it up, this week, as I received the following in my mail box.

It was a  PS FORM 56. I was a bit stunned to be receiving a citation from the mail carrier, but there it was. And it must have been something that has been protocol for a while because the form is dated February 1991. Anyway, it seems I have committed just one of many sins, according to the postal service, that has rendered the devotion to deliver the mail, through even the most challenging of hardships, moot.

citation front citation back

Here’s a list of some of the atrocities a taxpaying postal patron may commit, which will result in the non delivery of your mail and/or a citation.

1. Your box is not an approved box

2. The door needs attention

3. Box must be located so carrier can serve it without leaving the vehicle. (Whatever happened to no snow, no rain, heat, gloom yada, yada keeps carriers from their rounds?)

4. Your box is not waterproof.

5. Your box should be raised _____ inches. ( I can just imagine my mail man with a ruler measuring my box.)

6. Your box should be lowered _____ inches.

7. Your box must be located on the right hand side of the road in the carriers direction of travel.

8. The approach to your box should be filled and properly graded & kept unobstructive at all times. (And properly landscaped too. Perhaps there is an Agenda 21 regulation, or even federal funding to cover the costs of beautification.)

9. The approach to your box should be kept clear of snow, vehicles and other obstacles. (Again, rain, snow, gloom, yada yada, will hinder the completion of their rounds. Yeah, that’s not happening)

10. The signal flag needs attention. (Many is the time my mail man has just thrown mail into my box without picking up outgoing mail. I think there needs a taxpayer citation for failure to pick up the mail)

11. Your box is too near the road. (Again with the ruler)

12. Your box is too far from the road.

13. Your box should face the road.

14. Your box should be securely fastened to its support.

15. Your box should be made level and the post firmly planted. (Not only a ruler but now a level? Really?!)

16. A new post for your box should be provided. (I wonder if there is a federally approved post for mailboxes that we are all unaware of, somehow. It’s coming. You just wait.)

17. The rural box number must be printed in numerals not less than one inch high on the side of the box visible to the carrier as they approach it or on the box door if the boxes are grouped.

18. Your box should be painted to prevent rusting. (Again, the postal service is now concerned with beautification? Seems a little beyond the scope of their authority.)

19. Your house number must be clearly displayed _____ on your house or ______ on your box.

My mail box apparently qualified for a citation of a violation even more egregious than the previous 19 enumerated transgressions. I received a handwritten note under “OTHER FAULTS.” And here is my violation:

“Please trim tree limbs upon exit from mail box. The vehicle mirrors get slapped. Thanks.”

Here’s a picture of the offending tree. Is it me or do you think this is bordering on silly?

mail box

There is also a means with which a deadline can be imposed by your postal carrier:

Please help us provide you with better service by correcting these faults by ________ . After this date the delivery service may be suspended until the faults are corrected. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions please see your carrier or contact me.

______________________________________                                                                                                                                             (Postmaster)

Seems to me, this is an awful lot of power for a postal carrier, by the way. The next time you have to take out a loan to buy a roll of stamps, get your neighbor’s mail, or don’t get your mail at all, just remember they are a private agency under government oversight. And the average postal carrier makes between $38,000 and $55,000 per year. Missouri, my state, is one of 5 states which ranks at the top of that range.

Somehow, I think Cliff Claven would have scoffed at the weenie, over regulation, belly aching by this present day postal force. What happened to the carriers who battled weather and ferocious beasts to ensure the delivery of the daily post? Yep, I know there are bigger fish to fry in this culture of Obamacare, middle eastern wars, spiraling employment and plummeting economy. But don’t ya think that even if just one aspect of the culture could suck it up and take some pride in its service, things could “possibly” start to turn themselves around? This is a far cry from what I would call “American Exceptionalism.” Well, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be the postal service that leads us into a new age of greatness. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to trim a tree.

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