CCW INFO: The Next CCW class will be Fri Mar 13 & Sat Mar 14.
Fri will run 5-10 with dinner served. Sat 9-1 snacks will be served.

If interested send email to [email protected] and put CCW in the subject line.

Include your phone number and you will be contacted.



Original Post: Doing.

Ben Evans worked hard to host a joint event with St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Heritage Foundation a couple years ago. Because of Ben’s hard work, we met Dottie. Then the trouble in Ferguson happened last August. Fearless Dottie joined our band of BUYcotters who went to Ferguson to shop while the city still […]

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What Is Success?


Original Post: What Is Success?.

Could I ask you to answer a couple of questions. You can do this offline or in the comments of this post. Name 3 people you consider wildly successful. For each person you named, what is the number one criterion for establishing his or her success? Please do that before continuing. Done? Okay. I’m going to […]

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Some Thoughts on Tom Schweich


Original Post: Some Thoughts on Tom Schweich.

Excerpts from past posts on Hennessy’s View about Tom Schweich “Integrity” is the first word I think of when trying to describe Tom Schweich. Rock n Roll Lunch We met for lunch on a hot day in April 2010. I expected a typical GOP establishment hack: smooth, overly friendly, defensive, and forgettable. I expected the man […]

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Tom Schweich, RIP


Original Post: Tom Schweich, RIP.

News of Auditor Tom Schweich’s death hit me hard. If you haven’t heard, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported to day that my friend Tom Schweich died of a gunshot wound today. Tom was 54. I am saddened by this news. I pray for Tom’s family and for his rapid entry to eternal happiness. May perpetual light […]

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Action Alert: Stop the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind


The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote tomorrow morning on the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind.

We must apply pressure to ensure your lawmaker votes “NO” on H.R. 5.

First Congress had a chance to put an end to government intervention in America’s education, but the Republican-controlled House is trying to reauthorize No Child Left Behind (H.R. 5). This bill falls short on every measure of a bold conservative education plan.

Then Conservatives like Reps. Matt Salmon,Ron DeSantis, Mark Walker and Luke Messer offered amendments that would have dramatically improved the bill and benefited America’s children. However, those amendments were ruled out of order!

Now The House will be voting tomorrow on an outdated, bureaucratic and ineffective education policy. We can’t let America’s children get stuck with No Child Left Behind (H.R. 5) until 2021.

What you can do: Call your Representative and urge them to oppose the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind (H.R 5).

What the hell got me involved in politics to begin with?


Original Post: What the hell got me involved in politics to begin with?.

Paul Hamby asked a question last month. I was only one of the many he asked, and, being the rude bastard I am sometimes, I took a month to reply. And being lazy, I figured I should get a blog post out of it. So here’s my answer to the question “who inspired you to […]

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Self Goverance Training


JeffCo Self Governance Training $50
Level 1, March 4, 9AM to 5PM in Arnold.
Contact: Michelle 636-797-8055
[email protected]
If you have completed Level 1 there is a Level 2
class next week as well.
This is a recommended training course for Patriots
who want to be prepared to defend our liberties.
This has been an effective tool used in 16 states.
Learn how to identify the correct candidates and get
them elected. Learn what is necessary in defeating bad
legislation and more. For more information contact Michelle.

This Seems Like a Really Big Win


Original Post: This Seems Like a Really Big Win.

I am so embarrassed. I didn’t even know that Fred Sauer, Gretchen Logue, and Anne Gassel were suing Missouri over Common Core. Did you know that? (I probably knew it and forgot. Sorry.) But here’s the thing: THEY WON!!!! Wait. YOU won. You won because Fred, Gretchen, and Anne stuck their necks out for you. […]

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